First time for emily part one

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    Wrote this one about a year ago

    Alex looked with admiration at the young girl sitting on the edge of the bed. Emily was not real tall, and the way she dressed showed no real apparent curves. The black skirt concealed most of her slender legs. She wore a pair of brown, fleece lined boots that seemed to be popular during the fall. Emily shifted her hands about in her lap and gave him a nervous smile. Her blue eyes peered expectantly from behind her black rimmed glasses. Black hair framed a round face and barely brushed the tops of her shoulders.

    Alex had known her most of her life, yet struggled with his emotions as he moved to sit next to her. She had discussed making love several times in the past year. but also wanted to wait until she turned 18. Which had occurred the day before. He was 19 and considered himself average in most ways. Not only would it be their first time together, he found the idea of being the one to take her virginity irresistible. He was glad she trusted him to be her first lover and hoped they would both find the experience satisfying. Her eyes closed as he ran a finger lightly over her dark eyebrows.

    “Your eyes are like polished sapphires sparkling in candlelight. And your lips are perfect for kissing.”

    Her chest rose and fell quicker, and the color in her cheeks deepened. As his finger brushed her lips, they parted, and he felt her warm breath on his skin.

    “Will you kiss me?” she whispered.

    Carefully he removed her glasses and placed them on the dresser. Wrapping one arm around her waist and placing the other on the back of her head to steady her, he drew her close. The faint taste of chicken from her dinner landed on his lips. When their lips parted desire shone in her eyes just as Alex knew it must be in his. He wanted to feel all of her. Until then, their physical interactions had been reserved. He had felt her thighs beneath her skirt last week, and Emily had run a hand along the front of his pants to feel his erection. He had cupped her small breasts through her top weeks earlier. In a way, Alex enjoyed the teasing pace they had been going. Because once they went all the way there would be nothing left to imagine.

    Shakily, her hands lifted to the front of his shirt and fumbled unsuccessfully with a button. He took each of her wrists lightly in his hands to steady them. An embarrassed look came across her face when she was still unable to undo it. Alex leaned back and took his time undoing the buttons. When the last one was open, he guided her hands to the collar of his shirt. Her eyes gleamed as she pushed his shirt from his shoulders to expose his white undershirt. She did not have problems taking the hem of it and pulling it up so that he sat bare-chested before her.

    They sat there in silence before Emily leaned forward and kissed him again. Her hands felt cool as they glided along his back. Her kisses grew more intense the longer she explored his body, especially when the tips of her fingers dipped into the waist of his pants. His manhood strained against its prison, yearning to be free to explore her body. Alex slipped his hand beneath the back of her top and traced her spine up to the band of her bra. She stiffened in his arms and froze. After a moment’s hesitation, she moved back from him and met his eyes. Cautiously, like one might approach a deer in the forest, he took the hem of her shirt and lifted it to expose her pale stomach. Her eyes squeezed closed when the shirt moved up to expose small breasts, encased in a black lace bra. She lifted her arms over her head to allow him to pull the top off.

    As soon as it was off Emily crossed her arms across her breasts. Taking her hands, Alex moved them to his sides so he could study her. Her skin felt cool when pressed against him. They resumed their kiss while learning the feel of one another. It was all he could do not to just press her down and climb atop her.

    A tug at his waist made him open his eyes and look down to see her fingers struggling with his belt. He helped unbuckle it. and allowed her to pull it free from its loops. Then she started working on the button to the front of his pants. When faced with this slender young woman, he was a little conscious of his few extra pounds. What would she think when she saw him naked? Emily managed to open his pants, and his shaft stood out against his underwear. She stared at it as if it were a weapon. The look on her face said she was may be having second thoughts.

    He was at a loss on what to do next. Should he try to remove her skirt? Kiss her more? Wait for her to make a move? He did not want to rush things and scare her, but he did not want to wait so long that the mood was lost.

    The decision was taken from him when he felt her fingers brush the tip of his bulge through his underwear. The touch was timid and brief. He slid his hand along her side and cupped her breast, and heard a soft moan. He gasped when her fingers closed around his erection. When the time seemed right Alex stood and slid his pants to the floor. He kicked off his shoes and stepped out of the pants before tugging his socks off. Her eyes stared wide-eyed at the bulge in his briefs.

    Alex lowered himself to one knee by the bed. Her boots slid free easily. Once they were removed Alex worked the knee high socks off to expose tiny feet with toenails painted pink.

    When he sat back on the bed, Emily’s face was the color of a beet. To his surprise, she stood, took a deep breath, and pushed the skirt down to her ankles to reveal a pair of black lace panties. A bush of black, curly hair could be seen through the thin material, and his manhood ached in response.

    Alex stood with her; his tall body loomed over her. His hands were trembling as they reached to the front of her bra and unclasped it. The garment joined the other clothes on the floor, but his eyes were fixed on her breasts. They were not large, but he felt they were appealing. Her nipples looked erect, each surrounded by a light brown aureola. Emily’s hands crossed over them self-consciously. Alex gave her a reassuring smile and embraced her. Their difference in height made it awkward to kiss while standing, and he was aware of his erection pressing into her stomach. Slowly the tension melted from her, and her fingers found the waist of his underwear. Her body moved back to watch his underwear fall, and her eyes widened at the sight of her first nude man.

    Just as Alex had studied Emily’s breasts, she stood gazing down at the shaft that was soon to go in her. Compared to her body, it seemed too big, and for the first time, he wondered if he would hurt her. Gingerly her fingers brushed the tip, and it throbbed in response. If she kept doing that for much longer, he would climax before anything happened.

    Emily looked adorable when she smiled. Her facial expressions showed that she was happy to be with him. It was his turn to watch wide-eyed as she slid her panties off, and stood there with her arms to her side as if posing for a photo. He gazed at her completely nude body, and it struck him that he was the first man to see her naked. Her skin was pale and appeared to glow in the soft light of the candles scattered about the room. It was rare to see her in anything other than a long skirt or jeans. A thick patch of untrimmed black hair covered the area between her legs.

    Alex pressed her body to his. It felt odd holding her. The first time with a new lover always felt strange, but for some reason, this felt even more so.

    “You are incredibly sexy,” he whispered into her hair.

    She pulled him closer causing his penis to press harder into her. “So are you.”

    Alex led her to the side of the bed, and he climbed to the center so she could stretch out next to him on her back. He trailed a hand down her body. Emily did not stop him when his fingers brushed her pubic hair.

    “Do you think I should shave down there?” she asked timidly.

    Alex did wanting to spoil the moment and said. “Maybe some, but you look great to me.”

    His hand caressed her pubic hair, and her thighs parted slightly when his hand dipped between her legs. She was damp but not wet. Her eyes bulged when he let his finger slip between her labia, and her hand moved his away from between her legs. Her body trembled slightly.

    “Are you okay,” he asked.

    “I.. I don’t…I’m just not ready for that.”

    “That’s okay. You have to tell me what you like and don’t.”

    “What do you like?” she asked.

    “I like a lot of different things.”

    “Like what?”

    “I like touching your breasts.”

    “What about kissing them?”

    Alex leaned over and kissed the base of her breast. Slowly he made a circuit around it before moving to the other breast and returned to the first. His mouth made a moist trail spiraling around first one breast and then the other until it reached her nipple. Emily gasped and then moaned; her back arched as his mouth closed around the nub and kissed. Her fingers clawed at the bedspread until he released it.

    “I liked that a lot. What else do you like,” she asked softly.

    “I enjoy touching you.”

    To show her, he ran his hand down one side of her body and along a leg, then back up to repeat the process for the other side. Alex kissed her lips. This time, he did so only briefly before moving to her cheek. Her head tilted as his lips traveled down her neck to her shoulder. He continued across her chest and only made one lap around each breast before finding his way to her stomach. Suddenly her hands grabbed his head when his lips first touched her pubic hair. “Don’t. I just… I don’t want to do that. Not right now. Is that okay?”
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