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    My lady friend tried to give me a BJ a few times lately and she kept telling me how she will succeed.
    Last time was IT!
    She had me in a chair so I can watch her and she took my cock out, playing with it while kissing me, looking at me then she went on her knees, she put her lips around the head while looking at me before she got going, and the moment her lips and tongue went deeper I had a twitch of pleasure.
    She gave an appreciative "mmmmm" and she placed my hand on her head, something she does every time. Because there was "only" pleasure without orgasm the last tries I told her how to - to wrap her hand around the shaft and move it up and down at the same time her head does it.
    That got a "Ooooooh!" of pleasure out of me and gave me another "mmmmm". She's always communicative whether receiving or giving and I knew she was a happy pleaser.

    It took maybe 4 minutes for my cock to start tingling and I could feel I was leaking precum.
    When I started breathing faster she took it out and asked if I liked it. "No need to ask" I said, she smiled.
    She looked at my cock and milked it, commented on how I was leaky it was before continuing nicely.
    Not sure how long but it didn't seem to take long before it started tingling again.
    I told her so and she put my hand on her head again. I put the other one on and gave her a few short thrusts until it got real good and built up in intensity.

    She looked up to see my face when I would orgasm and she gave me another "mmmm!?"
    When I finally started ejaculating her breathing got faster, her eyes big, like amazed, excited and nervous at the same time. She just stayed there so I gently moved her head to rub the head then she continued on her own until I told her I was getting ticklish. Looking in my eyes she pulled out slowly with her lips still around, and spit on a towel. She gave me a look that said "I told you I was getting you" and "cum in my mouth is not my thing".
    She tried the swallowing already before but admitted she was not so keen on it, but she insisted she was going to make me cum in her mouth again. Then she said she will do it better next time.

    I wonder how and looking forward to it.
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