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Discussion in 'General Sex Discussion' started by yitbos, Dec 27, 2010.

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    My neighbor is a nice guy. Divorced, 14 year old daughter who babysits our two boys, and he's 39 and a good looking guy. I'm 41, well tomorrow I am. We get along well and while he's out partying and I'm coaching multiple soccer teams my kids are on, we would call each other friends.

    on the 24th of December he saw me carrying our boys bikes in the house. He came buy, gave me a hand with the Xmas presents and said I had to come check out the chick he's out with. He always likes me to meet his dates. Probably to brag some, as most are very good looking, and partly to get opinions. So we walk in and he introduces us and says I'm here to help him move something in the garage real quick.

    Right off the bat you can't miss her tits. He mentioned this before we gotnthere. She's got to be 36d and was dressed nicely but the tits were completely the focal point of the outfit. She's also a bartender so that's probably the norm for her. They were headed to an xmas party and on the way out he said he'd send me a picture.

    Well on my phone the next morn was a text with a picture of her nude with his holster and sidearm in it. Wow was also I sent back at first followed by a few other things. My wife checked it out and thought it was funny. Turns out our other neighbor received it and he and his wife got a good laugh too.

    What an Xmas gift from the neighbor. I wonder what's next from him.
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    Wow, it sounds like you have a wild and crazy neighbor. Please keep us informed of his antics......
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