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    I had a threesome yesterday with a couple, and my deal is that condoms don't fit me, not even large size,, so it's natural sex or nothing. Large size condoms are longer but not much wider, but I'm not particularly long but am very thick. Being squeezed and constricted into overly-tight latex isn't nice so I don't bother.

    I was dealing with the husband, as is often the case with threesomes, and I had a feeling my natural sex requirement may have been mis-interpreted. So I thought laterally and came up with feminine condoms or femidoms. I read some reviews and they seemed better, so I bought a pack and took them with me. Just as well that I did because wife was expecting me to wear a condom, but we used the femidom instead.

    What a surprise! Natural sex is warm and wet and slippery and nice, and the femidom was warm and wet and slippery and just as nice. Nice for me and for her too. Indeed she said it was the best sex she ever had. I felt like I was coming inside her rather than latex, which is one of the best parts of natural sex.

    So for those who want to go safe or use condoms for birth control, here's an idea. They do look strange when inserted so don't slip them in until just before (her first time to put it in only took a moment - it just goes in wiith a finger and the penis mainly pushes it into shape). But strange looking or not, when you slip yourself inside you can't tell the difference. They're very well lubricated and easily took my more than 20 minutes in a few positions,

    Earlier femidoms were, I think, latex and had a few problems. The latest are nitrile and better.

    As far as the threesome went, she was attractive and sexy and had a great time with me but, as is often the case, the husband suffered from nerves. It might be seeing my size, or it might be the idea of his turn performing in front of me after I came (I fucked her while she blew him, but he didn't get hard enough), or it might be my easy comfort having sex with his wife or it might be her pleasure with my size. Wife was happy and I was happy but be careful for what you wish for.
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