Favor For Favor: The Faith Of Mark's Job

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    There was a young man named Mark, he worked for me. Quite honestly he was terrible at his job, but there's one reason I let him stay for so long... you see, Mark had a wife, her name was Brittany, she was an old fashioned house wife. She was nice, and sweet, and visited Mark every lunch time. That's why Mark kept his job.

    Brittany was petite, but had a nice big rack for her size. Her ass was tight, and she had the seciest legs in town which were always in the open due to her skirts. I loved to watch her from my office every day as she would sit on Mark's desk with her boobs itching to burst out of her low cut top. Enough was enough after awhile though, even though I loved to watch Brittany, I had to fire Mark.

    Word got around the office that Mark would be on his way out very soon, and the rumor was by the end of the day. Mark heard and went out to lunch alone depressed. Brittany still came in looking for him, which is when she heard the news... she came to me and begged, literally on her knees that I let Mark keep his job. I didn't listen to a word she said as I could see directly down her top! I glanced down starring, she noticed but continued pleading as I imagined my mouth on the cold hard nipples I could see. I snapped out of it as I told her Mark was safe!

    Brittany jumped up tits jiggling and gave me a hug! I was hard from looking at her tits, and feeling them on my chest, she felt my cock touch her leg as she jumped and we giggled. She turned to walk away but I pulled her back in. She smiled in a sort of worried way.. "You know, one favor deserves another in return... and this was a BIG favor..." I said as I smiled in a sick way. "Ohh... well ok, what did you have in mind?" she replied still a bit worried. I moved my hands down feeling her bra and then landing on her ass. I rubbed it as a winked at her. "Sir, I'm sorry, but I'm a married women!" - she shrieked! "Well I guess your husband's out of a job dammit!" - I yelled, scarring her. She thought for a moment before saying "Fine..." in a small whisper.

    I closed the blinds in my office as she began to undress. She slid out of her dress slowly.. then stepped out of her shoes.. she lifted her foot onto the desk as I kissed it. I slid off her panty house, and licked up her legs to her panties. I tore them off as I licked her pussy. I didn't spend much time on it as I moved up to her big tits though! She undone her corset and revealed her beautiful breasts! I grabbed them, smiled and she smiled back hesitantly before I kissed them, over and over, every single spot of them, licking them, then sucking on the tit! They were amazing! I brought her in close but she pushed me away! I was furious, but she then pushed me into my chair... she smiled and I knew she was enjoying her self.

    She got on top of me and we kissed, it was hot and messy as I continued to spank her ass the whole time! I threw her off and onto the desk as she giggled... I toe off my pants and got on top of her! I moved my dick in and out, before getting off of her... I put my cock back in now standing and pulled her into me and pushed her out! I'm sure the whole office could hear her shrieks off pleasure but it didn't matter at this point! We fell over to the floor but I didn't stop fucking her hard! I got a good grasp on her firm tight ass and fucked her even faster now! We came together right there on my office floor!

    We exited my office smiling and laughing, I gave her a nice spank on her ass and winked at her as she left, I saw Mark who had just seen me do so and told him "You're doing a great job, Mark." and left smiling while he had a shocked confused look on his face.
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