Fantasy sex part 1

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    Walking along the beach heading towards the marina, I spot a very nice boat with this stunning beautiful lady on board. I had to get a closer look at her. Walking towards the marina, I couldn't keep my eyes off her. Almost walked into a few people along the way.

    As I got closer, I could see her body even better, her breasts were stunning. Her figure was divine, I had to meet her. Gathering my nerves, I approached and introduced myself as she glanced over her sunglasses at me.

    She doesn't say anything at first, just stared right thru me. Have I made a mistake by coming over? She finally speaks, "May I help you"? All I could say was, "You are beautiful". I mumbled out next that I had to meet you. She smiled and laughed then said "That is a new pick up line, I like it".

    "Climb aboard, and you can call me Queen". "So you like what you see, why should I let you see anything"? She says. I answer, "I think you are so beautiful and I would worship your body". She smiled and motions me to follow Her and I quickly do. Watching her ass shake as she walked got my cock stirring in my pants. We got below and she untied her top but keeps her breasts hidden and tells me "Show me your cock first". So I quickly take my pants down to expose my fully erect cock. You smile and expose just a little of your left breast and tell me, "Start masturbating for me or no tits". I do want to see them so I start stroking my swollen cock.

    I could see you squirm a little as I stroked, which made me even hornier, as I stroked You exposed a little more of your tits. You could tell I was about to cum, you quickly expose your full breast to me and seeing such beauty almost made me orgasm right there.

    You said to hold it as you knelt before me and said "Cum on my tits please"! I couldn't hold back and shot my warm load on you as you requested. As the last was coming out, you rubbed it over your breasts and on my cock. A big smile on your face as you stood and put your top back on. "You want to see my bald wet pussy" you asked? Yes my royal Queen I do. You ask "Are you ready for it" .

    As my cock started to grow again I said Yes I am. So you took off your thing bikini bottom and exposed your royal pussy to me gently spreading your lips and showing the wetness that was dripping. Come back and maybe you can fuck me you tell me.
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