Fantasy erotica, the frisky kitty chronicles: part 3

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    The Feed
    I took a walk to get some fresh air, it was warm and the air felt good on my skin, it brought some relief to how hot I was feeling. As I walked a little longer I kept thinking about her, In my mind I was thinking how could she not know what we just did, how she licked my cum and sucked my nipples. I can remember how she just kept looking at me like she was scared of me. I tried to re-assure her that I did not hurt her. But she just got up and grabbed her clothes and bolted for the door. I felt bad, but my body needed it. I felt new and energized so I cant regret what I did to her, it kept me alive. My mother not only turned me into a sex kitten she made it so that I can only survive off the pleasure. She wanted me to hurt the humans since I lusted after them and my hunger was only getting stronger.
    I looked around and I could not recall where I was, it was some old brick apartments that looked abandoned. I turned around and I saw there was some guys standing in my way.
    “where you headed?” one of them called out to me. I must have gotten lost I said.
    I could see the smirks on their faces as they came closer. “your lost huh” as he makes his way to me and touches my shoulder. I couldn’t help to think what this could do. I count 3 altogether.

    We will take you were you wanna go but you have to do something for us first he says. I answer back faintly, what? Just get on your knees as he starts to pull out his cock. As I get on my knee’s I can see he was waiting for a fight. As I open my mouth wide he slowly inserts his load in. I give him a suck from all the way back in my throat. He looks at me and says shit that felt good. My mouth was warm and wet as I let my tongue lick around the tip of his dick.
    I could feel the other one come behind me as he penetrated his penis in my slippery pussy. He was a big boy his dick opened my pussy wider, I could feel my walls getting wetter.

    I turned around so I could feel every inch of him inside my pussy. I could feel my hunger draining him. I looked into his eyes, I needed all of him. The other two are looking with their cocks in their hands stroking, waiting for their turn. He finishes exploding his cum all over me. I’m not done at all I say. I motion for one of the guys to come closer. He looks in to my eyes and I draw him in. I turn over so he can see my ass. He licks his finger and insert it in my ass. OOOh its tight little ass he say’s. He takes his tongue and licks my hole, I like it how he is in and out over and over with his tongue. I can’t wait until he enters. He is gentle but rams it in at the same time it feels good. I’m getting hotter as one of the other guys shove his dick in my pussy. I stroke the other ones cock as he sucks on my nipples. They fuck me harder and harder and cum all over my body, I could see they are getting drained but I cant stop. My whole body is now on fire. I keep them hard until my hunger is satisfied, until I have cum and squirted all over them. As I get up I can see they are still laying on the ground. I look over them and they are not moving they just have this look on their faces like their minds are still seeing us fucking.

    I cant have any pity for them I have to feed.
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