Fantasy erotica, the frisky kitty chronicles: part 2

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    It has been a while since I was banished by my mother, I found this hole in the wall place where I can lay my head , its nothing comfortable but it works for me. I have been trying so hard to control the lust but I can feel the thirst getting stronger. I feel the heat from in between my legs and my pussy begins to ache, I was hungry. I need to get out of this apartment for some air.

    As I get to the elevator to the lobby I notice the lights are out in the hall way in the other direction. There is only a half dimmed light at the end. I hear a faint hello coming from the dark. I walk closer quietly, "hello" the whisper gets louder and I know who it is. Next door theirs this cute brown eyed woman. I never noticed how sexy woman were before. I say hi and glide past her trying not to touch her. Its me Arian, I say to her. she starts to laugh and grabs my arm. " the lights must have went out again in this shit hole". I try to back up slowly I could feel the heat move up my skin as she got closer. "I don't know what I would have done if you had not come out, you know". She now was standing in front of me, I could feel her breath on my lips.

    I tried to resist the temptation I was cursed with and I was not sure how strong this power was inside of me. But something came over her, she started to put her hands in my blouse. her fingers soft like silk moved to my breast as she starts to lightly pinch and rub them.
    The lust settled in me and was tearing at me to get out. I was under its spell. I grabbed her and went into my apartment pinning her up against the wall. "Spread your legs for me". I kissed her lips and massaged her clit, I could feel her pussy getting wetter on my fingers. "Get on the floor and spread your legs so I can see that pretty pussy". I saw her cherry red walls moistened with juices dripping from her pussy. I took my fingers and spread her open wide. my tongue lashed her pussy as if I were trying to make her pay for my punishment. With every lick I can feel her pussy cum all over my lips. Now its my turn. I went to my little drawer full of toys and got out the biggest dildo I have. She took my big boy and stabbed my pussy with it. harder, harder I moaned as she took her finger up my ass. My pussy is so hot and wet as cum squirted all down the dong. she is such a nasty bitch as she licks the my cum off.

    I could feel myself coming down as I laid on the floor. I looked at her and she had this puzzled look on her face like she didn't know how she got here. She looked at me scared, at that moment I knew I was that beast that just prayed on her for my pleasure.
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