Fantasy erotica, the frisky kitty chronicles: part 1

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    The Change

    When I saw him I could not help but think about what filthy things he could do to me. But this behavior was not appropriate for the Goddess of Virtue's daughter Arian, If my mother knew what I was thinking she would have me locked away especially because he is a human.

    As he gazed at me I could feel how wet I was getting underneath my gown. My skin moisten with every smile he glanced I knew I had to have him, no human could resist a Goddess. What could it hurt, no one would find out and I can take him to my secret garden.

    As I walked closer to him I let a light shine behind me so he could see only me, as I kissed him I released a lust spell so he could do everything I wanted. After all he was only a human, a beautiful human that wouldn't last a minute with me other wise.

    As he licked my nipples I started to tremble in delight. Lay down I ordered as I moved to get on top of his face. He stuck his tongue down my wet pussy and all I feel is juices dripping down my pussy lips on to his hot mouth. His hard penis was throbbing and I could tell he wanted to ram it right into my tight little pussy. But no I needed to have my fun, I couldn't wait to stick his big cock down my throat. I took his penis in my hand and made my mouth as wet as possible. I put his cock in my mouth until it reached the back of my throat and slobbed my mouth back and forth until he couldn't take it.

    He ripped the rest of my gown off and spread my leg's open, he slowly pushed his cock in my wet pussy, with every thrust he pushed harder and harder. As I panted and moaned ooooh he pushed deeper. every inch of him was inside of me. In between my thighs were slippery, my pussy juices were dripping down his cock. As I came all over him, his cock gets harder as he thrust faster and faster until he explodes inside of me. I kissed him good night to lift the spell and hurried back to my mother.

    As I reached the palace I could see the sky turning black and it started to thunder. I knew my mother found out what I did, but I have to face her. As I entered the gates she stared at me from afar. I could see the tears form in her eyes with each step that I took to get closer. "you disappoint me child, you are not to think such a way let alone act upon such perverted filthy thoughts. you have betrayed me, you will live the rest your immortal live as the dirty filthy beast you are".

    I tried to explain that I am not like her, my body temps me to do such things. At the moment my body started to feel hot, on fire I could see actual flames starting to form. The fire grew hotter and it consumed me. I started to feel an uncontrollable thirst for lust. The calm warmth that my skin once held is now replaced with a burning lustful hot fire. She looks at me in disgust. I cried out for her but she turns her back and banishes me. She has her guards drag me through the gates. I can hear her screaming you will live has a slave to your own body as a beast longing for pleasure every moment for your life temping these humans that defiled your body.
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