Fantasies do come true.

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    My husband and I have always worked hard for a living and work even harder to keep our relationship strong. We had talked often about our fantasies and made an effort to fulfil each other in anyway we could; but there was one thing I was waiting for and one evening after work it finally happened.

    It was Friday evening and I had returned from the office and started to prepare dinner as usual. My feet were tired so I kicked of my heels to take pleasure in the cold stone floor through my stockinged feet.
    At 7pm sharp I heard the front door opened so I reached for a glass to pour my husband a well earned drink.

    He approached me from behind and kissed my neck leisurely “Good day at work?” he asked. I nodded and turned to face him to enjoy a long kiss. Suddenly he lifted me and placed me on the counter-top. I couldn’t help but let an excited giggled escape my lips.

    “What are you up to?” I said with a smile. He told me to be quiet and held his finger to my lips.
    Slowly he reached up my pencil skirt to unclip my suspender then one by one he slowly eased my stockings down.

    Admittedly I felt self-conscious at first but then I remember talking about this scenario with him before, I had been waiting in anticipation for this day and now it was here I tried to cast the worries of the day away and enjoy the ride I was about to take.

    Once my legs were exposed he reached up and lifted me back to the floor staring deeply into my eyes. We both knew what was planned and could help but exchange excited smiles.
    Kissing my forehead he took one of my stockings and placed it into my mouth, reaching it behind my head then tied it at the base of my neck. With forceful intent he turned me around and took my hands behind my back, and with my other stocking he bound my wrists.
    Letting out a rush of excited breath he turned me around again to face him and looked me up and down pleased at the sight that was before him.

    Reaching behind my head to loop my gag in his fingers, he told me to stand on tiptoe, then hooked my stocking over the cupboard door handles above me. I let out a stifled moan knowing I was unable to move from my raised position. I was stuck on tiptoe with my hands tied behind my back, I was prone and nervous but getting wet with anticipation.

    To test the waters I felt his hand reach up my skirt and pull my panties to one side. He grinned as he felt my wetness and said with a heavy breath, “you’re enjoying this already aren’t you?”. I bowed my eyes shyly and mumbled out a “mmmm”.

    Slowly he began to kiss my cheeks and my jawline and unbuttoned my shirt painfully slowly. He was pressed up against me enough to make sure I could feel his growing erection beneath his suit trousers.

    Once all of my shirt buttons were undone he stood back to admire the view before returning to cup my breasts. I let out a moan and tried to press myself against him, wanting more and quickly! Recognising my urgency he reached his hands into my bra and lifted each of my breasts out, grazing each nipple with his fingernail as he let go. I tried to squirm a little to try to relieve some of the building pressure on the seam of my panties, but it was simply not enough.

    Knowing how much I was aching for him he stepped back, smiled, and said “I think I’ll have that drink now”. With that he picked up his glass, took a chair from the table and sat down…………………..

    (to be continued - i'm too horny to carry on typing for now lol)
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    No wonder you are horny. Very nice, missus!

    I hope you get a spanking for being naughty while hanging there!

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    you can't leave us hanging like that
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