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    I had a dream about my old friend Tod. We were in L.A. and I was free to go about dressed as Lisa as I pleased. I convinced him to marry me as Lisa at a justice of the peace. He was ok with the idea of passing me off as Lisa before the judge, so I went shopping with Judith, who would be my maid of honor. We had a ball shopping, looking at frilly dresses and the sexy lingerie that I would wear underneath. Silk stockings, garter, sheer white panties with rose pattern. A push-up style bra to pad and lift my small boobs and give me a little cleavage. Finally, pink 4 inch heels. Judith took me to the salon where she treated me to a manicure, and as a wedding gift, her friends at the shop gave me a new "do".

    Finally the time came. Judith drove me to the courthouse. In the ladies' room, I stepped into a bathroom stall and hung the bag containing my dress and the rest of my outfit on the hook on the door. As I stood there looking at my wedding outfit, I imagined myself in Tod's arms, being carried across the threshold. I slid the sheer white panties on, feeling a tingle in my thigh as they slipped up over my hips and into place. Carefully, I bundled up a stocking and slid it over my calf and up my leg. Repeating the process with the next stocking was no less a thrill. My lacy bra pushed my small breasts into place to create a nice cleavage. I put the garter on, followed by my shimmering white wedding gown. Lifting the skirt slightly, I put on the heels and stepped out of the stall. Judith let out a little gasp and told me that I looked just lovely as she spun me around and zipped me up. She cupped my face in her hands and gave me a small kiss on the cheek. As I gazed into her beautiful eyes, she told me that it was a big day for me and that I would be wonderful. Holding her gaze, I wondered for just a moment if it weren't really Judith I was in love with. I shook it off and got back to the moment at hand. Judith was my heroine; the woman I looked up to and actually wanted to be ever since we met shortly after high school. I was infatuated with a classmate of mine who turned out to be her boyfriend. She found out about it, I came clean with her, and we had some chuckles together about it. Instead of being resentful and jealous, I felt I had made a new friend. Indeed I had. We became nearly inseparable and now here we were nearly twenty years later, and she was still with me, preparing me for my new life; my new life as a wife.

    We were first in, so Judith kept me in the ladies room to primp a bit and wait until Tod arrived. She left the room to go check it out and came back to get me. She had convinced a bailiff to escort me into the courtroom. He took me by the arm and led me into the room. The old beaten down courtroom was transformed in my mind to a majestic palace as my eyes got the first glimpse of my prince. He was perfect in his black tux, watching me approach. He stood tall, shoulders back, head held high. He looked as if someone had thrown a suit on a statue of a Greek hero. I was breathless and covered my mouth with my hand in awe as I held back joyful tears. My heart pounded and my breath was heavy as he took my hands in his, looked deep into my eyes, and recited his vows. I met his gaze, swearing to love and cherish him for life. Being an old fashioned girl, I threw in "obey" which brought a surprised raise of the brow from Tod. Judith and Tod's best man Joey looked at one another and shrugged. The judge pronounced us husband and wife, and Tod took me in his arms. Staring deep into his eyes, I felt as if I would explode as I awaited the kiss that every girl dreams about. My chest pounded as his lips finally met mine. When the kiss broke I let out a deep sigh as we turned to face our massive wedding party of two. I could barely tear my eyes from him to stroll out of the court room. I was his now; I would be the wife he deserved and more. Taking my first step as a Mrs., I looked over to see Judith give me a satisfied wink and a smile. I looked forward to my wedding night and honeymoon week.

    To be continued.....
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