Faces of O/writing project.

Discussion in 'General Sex Discussion' started by Frederich, Jan 20, 2014.

  1. Frederich


    Okay, this is the game guys:

    Describe your woman's face during orgasm. In one sentence. This has to be from your perspective, and I mean that literally; wherever you were, you know, positioned at the time, is the point of view your describing. Only one sentence. It can be as long as it needs to be. Do try to make it as authentic to your memory as possible (of course, even memory is subjective). Mine is below:

    Her eyes are big and dark and green and, when I am less than an inch from them, my nose tucked against hers, look like the bulging eyes of a little girl staring in fascination at candy on the top shelf that she'll never reach; except she is a 25 year old woman and a more mature feeling is sweeping across her face, and it is complimented by her curly jet black hair, jiggling in the air above her green velvet pillow; and complimented also by her crooked parted mouth, which comes in to view as I raise my head just a little further above hers so I can see that she stares at me as if trying to hold back and immense question which she can't ask me because something else is overtaking her, so she can only break the rhythm of her sheets rustling under our bodies by letting more sounds come out of her mouth, breathy, tenor female expressions, breaking her own silence of thirty seconds, tightening one arm on my back before she finally says, "really..." and does not finish the sentence.
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