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    london england
    i read the thread from pantycouple and in the tread they referd to the women sitting on top of the mans face while wearing red silk underware,
    and how much he enjoyed trying to get his tough inside her soft panties,
    this story i found very interesting,
    has i enjoy my wife queening me at every given moment possible,
    so i showed my wife the thread yeserday she never said to much about it.
    but last night my luck had changed,
    without much warning she rolled me over onto my back,
    hoisted up her nightgown and sat straight on my happy welcomeing face,
    there was only one small problem which i only really realized this very morning when i went for a shower,
    normally my wife would of already taken of her underware before she would sit on my face.
    but i belive because i showed her the tread she decided to leave her red panties on.
    dont misunderstand me now i know what pantycouple meant i was trying to get my tough down the sides of her panties for ages,
    and my wife was rubbing her panties on my face which felt like forever. and its a great turn on if your into queening.
    but the lace cut a sore on the lenth of my nose.
    so pantycouple its silk from now on.
    but instead of her nice silk panties she chose to wear her red lace
  2. SexyBeto

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    Nov 26, 2010
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    My GF read that link too, however, she went to go buy some silk panties on Black Friday :)
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