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    Anyone else into this?

    It really never stops, but on a typical day I awake to the wife rubbing her breasts over me, rubbing her pussy for a few moments, then she's off to the bathroom getting ready for the day. I enjoy pulling a chair up behind her and sitting down, rubbing her ass, tasting her from behind, then she's off to work and I am too. Throughout the day it's the texting back and forth, both trying to focus on the days work. Once home it's business as usual outside of the glances, the comments, the petting, and stolen deep kisses when the little one isn't looking. She's into audible book erotica and I like for her to tell me about what she's been reading I love to put a vibrating egg in her while she's listening then go on about our business enjoying a book while I'm on the net visiting sites like this one and fetlife, telling her what's going on from time to time. It's an all day affair, we discuss our fantasies tease and touch, then it's finally play time. Sometimes fairly vanilla, sometimes just practice with rope followed by a good fucking, sometimes it's a full on session that can last several hours, sometimes I demand that we both stop right in the middle of heated fucking giving orgasm denial and we start all over again the next day for a real build up.

    Don't get me wrong we have our quickies and are not in control of ourselves at all times, but I love the never ending sex we have that is simply interrupted by our daily responsibilities and lives.

    Anyone else?
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