Eva Diary Entry: Housecalls

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    Well I had an interesting call yesterday… from my favorite doctor! He invited Todd and me over – of course I said yes. I’ve been so consumed with Cathy and opening up to Todd, that I hadn’t even thought about much else, so I was excited to hear from Dr. Fadi. I actually love calling him Dr. Fadi, even when we he is fucking me. guess it makes me really feel like a naughty girl.

    Last time we got together I had my first double penetration!! Dr. Fadi is fun, but has a quiet, yet powerful and sexy demeanor and it’s exciting to see what he will come up with each time we get together. I also love getting dressed up for him – I think he really appreciates and even expects it. I called Todd at work to tell him and he was so excited he had to sit at his desk to “calm” down.

    Todd was more excited about our double penetration than I was, so he was looking forward to much more fun with Dr. Fadi. The first time we met him at the hospital, Todd was a little intimidated – especially since he was watching shadows behind the curtain as I sucked Dr. Fadi’s cock! Anyway, yesterday I was really in the mood to have Todd watch me, so when we arrived at Dr. Fadi’s home, I told Todd to sit off to the side. I did my little strip-tease for Dr. Fadi… and watched his bulge grow as he sat on the sofa. In just my little panties, I sat on his lap and gave him a nice long lap dance with my breasts in his face as I rubbed my pussy against the huge bulge in his pants. I looked over at Todd and gave him a little “no-no” look as he was about to slide his hand into his pants. He stopped and rubbed a little on the outside then dropped his hands to his sides.

    Dr. Fadi felt SO hard and I wanted him so badly. I unzipped his pants and his huge cock popped right out with a big drop of pre-cum on the head. I love that and immediately stuck out my tongue and licked the head of his cock teasingly until he grabbed my head and pushed his cock in deeply. I held it in my mouth and rubbed my tongue up and down the shaft. As I sucked his cock, he directed Todd to come over and pull my panties off and fuck my ass as I continued to suck his cock. Todd was already rock hard as he had not been able to touch himself until then.

    I moaned loudly as Todd lubed up my ass and pushed the head of his cock in. I nearly gagged as he began to fuck me and I couldn’t yell out as I might normally as I get used to a hard cock up my ass. Dr. Fadi very much enjoyed my gagging and shortness of breath as he held my head, fucking my mouth as Todd fucked my ass. After just a few minutes, Todd began to say “you’re so fucking hot, I’m gonna cum.” Dr. Fadi fucked my mouth deeper and quickly… wanting to time his ejaculation with Todd’s. Soon both shot their loads inside me – Todd, up my ass and Dr. Fadi in my mouth.

    Todd is really enjoying Dr. Fadi’s dominant and voyeuristic nature – and I think Dr. Fadi is really enjoying Todd’s eagerness to please and do whatever he’s told. When I look at Dr. Fadi, I sometimes wonder what else is going on in his naughty mind.
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