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Discussion in 'General Sex Discussion' started by Azaroth, Mar 3, 2004.

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  1. Azaroth

    Azaroth New Member

    Feb 21, 2004
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    I am 21 years old.... and i just recently been having sex again- but now with a girl that means somehting to me...

    I remember back in the day "2 years-3 years ago" i never had a problem with errections... I was about to do any position and have no problem
    (keep in mind this was with unprotected sex)
    But now i notice that - if i don't do just misionary i ended up loosing errections (with protected sex with this new girl)
    or it doesn't stay hard enough for her to get on top - where it would bend and really would be clumsy for her to have sex with me that way or it wouldn't work for me...
    but with a condom - I don't feel anything, I like this girl and i don't want to not use a condom till im 100% sure i dont have anything - and just got tested todya and will find out soon if i do...
    but she doesn't want unprotected sex so she doesn't get preg.. which im ok with

    Do other guys have problems with errections? where it won't stay hard enough - or loose it after some time? Do you think it's the condom? I don't have problems when I mastarbate, or recieve oral sex... just the sex act seems hard..... why?

  2. Logger

    Logger Well-Known Member

    Dec 6, 2003
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    If avoiding disease transmission is not your issue, I have found lambskin condoms provided me more sensitivity. Fourex was fairly reliable. Lambskin condoms will not stop the aids virus tranmissin. I imagine it would slow transmission.

    I used lubricatoin inserted before insertion with condoms. I used foam dispensers to insert enough KY or Koromex Jelly. Ortho makes Delphin Foam with a dispsenser.

    What music is on, what is on the Television afects my performance of staying hard and climaxing. Idealy for me, a porn flick or at least a massage video.

    Can you get her to use the pill? Do you have morning-after pills avaialble? What about an IUD? Diaphram or contraceptive foam enhance birth control.

    I don't like condoms. I used to think I had enough self-control to just pull out before climaxing, but I wasnot as good as I thought I was. When younger, I did cause a couple of young ladies to decide to get abortions, by not pullin gout soon enough. The yong ladies decided not to depend upon my rather low level of earning power at the time.
  3. shadow

    shadow New Member

    Mar 10, 2004
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    Funny enough I'm 21 and having a bit of the same problem, I just find it hard to keep an errection on even when she gives me oral sex sometimes, which is weird cause that's probably my favourite. When i was 18 I used to be up for at least an hour recieving oral and not have a problem now I get floppy faster and lose interest.

    As for sex, when I do the misionary it's the fastest way i get an errection again, cause when i ejaculate the first time I cant keep it hard it goes real soft and takes time to get up again which sucks. Anyone got tips on a fast way or a way to keep it erected? I would love if it stays up and then I can change condoms and have sex again, that way the second one would last at least 10 minutes or so I'd think but it goes floppy.
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