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    I know a girl
    She hasn't said it but she really wants me to rock her world
    I know she does I can see it in her eyes
    she wants me down between her thighs
    But enough with this thing
    let me tell you how I make women sing
    First I kiss and suck on her lips
    while running my hands up and down her sides with my finger tips
    I then kiss and suck on her neck a while
    I know she likes this because she gives me a smile
    I then move to her tit
    and kiss, lick, and suck on them a little bit
    She is liking this I know because she is having a fit
    I can really tell she is loving it
    because I got my fingers on her clit rubbing it
    She opens her eyes open wide
    and says I want you deep inside
    I said in due time
    because I want to make you chime
    I move down to her belly button and flick my tongue in and out
    she is loving this there is not doubt.
    She grabs my head and gives it a guide
    and says I want your tongue deep inside
    I stick my tongue in just a little bit
    she said come on baby stick it all the way in my slit
    I start tongue fucking her pussy hard and fast
    I even went down and tongue fucked her ass.
    She gave my head a little guide
    and says come on baby I want you back inside
    I start tongue fucking her pussy fast and hard
    she goes limp and drops her guard
    I know she is loving it now
    because I can here her moaning and saying wow
    She says oh baby that feels so good
    I say I know baby I eat pussy like I know I should
    she grabs my head and screams don't stop
    I am almost at the top
    I was ramming my tongue all the way in
    I was ramming it all the way to my chin
    She starts gasping for air
    and says don't stop baby I am almost there
    She starts humping at a fast pace
    then she cums all over my face
    She says god damn that was so good
    I said I know baby, I do it like I know I should.
    She says don't tease
    give me your dick please
    I say in good time
    then I will make you chime
    I move to her clit
    and lick and suck on it a little bit
    She says oh god damn that feels like nothing I have ever felt
    I know she is liking this because she is starting to melt
    I start finger fucking her pussy like no other
    She starts screaming and her body begins to shudder
    I speed you with the fingering, licking and sucking
    She starts moaning loud as hell and really begin to start bucking
    She starts screaming something fearous
    she was screaming so loud I thought somebody was going to hear us
    yeah she was screaming real real loud
    I thought the the planes was going to hear us in the cloud
    She start bucking her pussy on my fingers and face
    as I begin to lick, suck and finger at a faster pace
    she grabs my head and screams as she orgasms
    I know she liked it because she starts going into spasms
    I run my fingers in her pussy and on her clit
    and sucked her cum off my fingers a little bit
    She says oh my god that was hot
    now please give me what you got
    I say not yet I want to massage your G-Spot
    She said I thought that is what you just done
    I said yeah it was but I want to make you bust out like a cannon
    I put a lot or pressure on her gspot inside
    As I press harder her eyes open wide
    I say hey baby you like it
    she says hell yeah and I want you to play with my clit
    I am pressing hard on her G-Spot and clit like an expert
    I was thinking I am really going to make this girl squirt
    She begins to scream and starts bucking like a wild horse
    she is bucking back with all her force
    She is loving this I really can tell
    She says you do this very well
    I say tell me something I do not know
    I know how to satisfy a pussy hole
    She says don't stop I am almost at the summit
    I said baby I am going to make you bust out like a commit
    She says oh no I have a strong urge to pee
    I say it ain't pee so let it go all over me
    I said it is pussy juice
    so let it bust loose
    She is still screaming and starts cumming like Niagara Falls
    she squirts all over the bed and all over the walls
    she drenched me from my head to me feet
    She says oh god damn baby I think I am in heat
    please baby please baby give me your meat
    I said yea that was just icing on the cake
    Now it is time to give you my tube steak
    I stick my dick inside
    and open her pussy up wide
    she says give it to me all the way to your balls
    I don't want a little bit I want it all
    I shoved it all the way in where my belly was slamming against her clit
    I know she is liking it because her pussy is starting to spit
    She is bucking back like a wild bull
    I look in her eyes and say I am about to take you to school
    I looked in her eyes
    and I seen surprise
    She was amazed at what I was doing
    I was giving her a damn good screwing
    She grabs my arm
    and says you are fucking me like a thunder storm
    She says fuck me as fast as you can
    I want to snap back like the rubber band man
    I say hold on here I go
    I am going to try to demolish that pussy hoe
    I start fucking her pussy fast and hard
    I fucked it so hard I thought it was going to be scared.
    She says of baby don't stop
    keep giving it to me, I am about to pop
    She start fucking back like crazy
    I say oh yea baby you are no fagazy
    She was fucking back fast as hell
    I was keeping up so I was doing pretty well
    She says oh baby you make me so hot
    Give me everything all you got
    I put her feet up at her head
    and drove that pussy through the bed
    Now we was fucking on the floor
    she says oh my god baby I never would have imagine what I was in store for
    She starts cumming and starts screaming
    the whole time she is creaming
    I still tried to hammer her pussy through the floor
    She says oh baby lets do it once more
    I will keep a long story short and just say by the time we finished she was sore
    She said when you said what you could do I just said yeah right
    I would have never guessed that you could go all night
    I say yeah that is nothing but a thing
    I will do anything to make a woman sing
    she says yea that you do
    you really know how to screw
    I know she was surprised that I could go all night
    Plus I fucked her with all my might
    She says I wish we could go again
    I smile and begin to stick my dick back in
    I could not believe this girl could handle all this and not pass out
    But I didn't care I was going to show her what it was all about
    We went just a little bit longer
    I showed her I was just a bit stronger
    She says oh my god baby I really like fucking you
    I said yeah baby I know you do.
    she said I want to fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you
    I say yeah I do to.
    She grabs my dick and squeezes it tight
    As the night passes into daylight.
    I say don't tell me you want to do what we just done
    She says hell no I just want to cuddle with someone
    We just laid there basking in the pleasure
    I held her tight because I knew I had a treasure
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