Dolly's Story (continued)

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    Dolly's Story (Contd)

    Dee Dee, still sitting where she had received this same treatment, gently rubbing her clitoris the palm of her hand, watching my face intently. Woody continued tending to me, exciting me to go higher as I chewed on my lip, not knowing where he would minister next. Now tracing circles around my swollen clitoris, now sucking gently on my inner lips, his tongue now darting between those lips. I lost all consciousness of everything about me, no Dee Dee, no now. I hadn’t noticed I was holding my breath longer and longer. I was nearing the peak of ecstasy, my fingers now around the back of Woody’s head. I tipped my pelvis up, and back down again, sending some signal that he somehow understood, telling him it was time to finish this. That talented tongue left the regular rounds between clitoris and lips, quickly thrusting into that sensitive orifice, going around and around. I exploded with every nerve in my being, losing track of everything.
    I awoke a minute or so later, both Dee Dee and this wonderful boy, standing by me, shaking me gently and calling my name. Holding my breath had caused me to black out when I I tipped over the top of the most electrifying orgasm I had ever felt. Women would never be safe with their chastity if word of this boy-man got out among them.
    Dee Dee said “Wow!” and laughed nervously. “I want one of those, Woody. How do you feel, Dolly?”
    “Washed out, drunk. Thank you Woody, where did you ever learn that?”
    “My sixth grade teacher. I got my first blow job from her when I was just beginning to shoot.”
    Dee Dee spoke up, “She still comes over here to meet Woody about once every other week. I leave them here a half hour or so, and they’re always gone when I get back.”
    “True”, Woody said.
    After Woody was gone, Dee Dee giggled over a bottle of cheap wine, replaying both our experiences. “So, Dolly, What do you think about Woody now?”
    I paused to consider, “You’re better”. A fit of laughter came over us as we rolled about on the floor.
    “Lets get some dinner”, I suggested, putting the merriment on hold.
    “I’ll buy if you’ll fly.” Dee Dee offered.
    “I don’t think I could walk,” I said. “Lets call for pizza instead”.
    “Or I could eat you,” she said, causing a new round of giggling.
    We had pepperoni.

    Note: Had to break this up because posting limit is 1,000.:ugh
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