Dirty talk at dinner: drinks and appetizers

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    'Thanks to the inspiration for this story: the 'Which Hole Would You Pick?' thread. Somehow, what should have been at most a six-or-seven word response became a roughly 6,500 word story. Hope you enjoy it. - NN'

    Once, in my 20’s, I was caught up in a crowd of friends and acquaintances for a dinner out. The restaurant that was dark, smells of the food and the clink of cutlery and the murmurs of many voices mingled in the candlelight. On arriving, we learned that a botched booking at that busy brasserie meant that our party could not all sit together at a single, long table as we had originally hoped and were instead broken up and bustled into booths. It was a busy Friday night and we glumly agreed to the separation. The resultant shuffle left me sat in a corner stall with two friendly acquaintances across from me.

    Although I was resigned to an unpredictable meal in exile, I could not complain about my chance companions. A was tall, with dark, straight hair and just a hint of freckles beneath her large eyes. E looked almost unforgivably Swedish, with blonde hair, blue eyes, and a soft, round glow. They knew each other well and chatted amiably as water and warm bread were placed before us. I was on cordial terms with both A and E, but our conversations had never been particularly intimate. All that was about to change, though. After we had ordered our drinks, we left the topics of weather, jobs, and entertainment far, far behind us.

    A opened up the discussion “So, we’re friends, right? I mean, we don’t know each other super-well, but you’d be okay with it if I needed to ask you something kind of personal, right?”

    “That’s an intriguing question,” I replied “Ok, shoot.”

    “Great!” She began a touch haltingly, as though she was trying to pick the exact right words to use.

    “So, my boyfriend had just gotten home from work the other night and I was really worked up. I just about jumped him when as he came through the door and I tried to get things going, but he wasn't having it. But I’d been antsy all day and I really wanted to feel close to him, so I said… 'how about if I just blow you?'”

    She had leaned in to more-or-less whisper the last bit. Her cheeks were slightly flushed, but she seemed determined to complete her thought.

    Things had just become much more interesting. I perked up.

    A continued, “But he said that he was upset about work stuff and that… getting head would feel even worse. It sounded like he was saying that when a guy comes that it feels different depending on where he 'is'. Is that a thing? So, time for a man’s opinion. Does it feel different?

    “I didn’t think,” E chimed in “…where a guy, you know, was could change how it felt to go over. Especially if you're careful with your teeth. Is there more than one way?”

    I took a sip of my drink, arranging my thoughts before replying. This was going to be fun.

    “Okay, several things. First, yes, it feels different, both physically and emotionally. Despite what it may seem like, a guy climaxing is more than grunting, funny faces, and some untidiness. Regular intercourse, the kind that could result in pregnancy, isn’t just about the lovely ladybits; the attached human being modifies the whole experience. There are two bodies rubbing together and the sound of heavy breathing and looking into eyes and tightening and a feeling like oiled velvet and an understanding of what is happening that is just so delicious. All those things add up in new ways every time to make each experience unique.

    “On the other hand, while a blowjobs are fabulous, you mainly just let it happen. The only thing a guy needs to do is to give warning before he…comes. If he really is worried about work, then he may want to feel more active and in control in his life in general. In that case, unless you're quite elastic and have zero gag reflex, he can't get what he really wants from your mouth. Also, and please forgive the crude language, face-fucking requires both drive and a sense of entitlement. So, if he's feeling like his mojo isn't working, he doesn't want you doing all the work and he's worried about his ability to please you. Men are tricky creatures.”

    They sat, blinking at me for a moment. A opened her mouth to respond when, predictably, our server materialized to ask for our orders. We all put on our polite, casual, not-talking-about-oral-sex-definitely-not faces and announced our choices, all of which the waiter pronounced excellent, because waiters seem to like it awfully well when their customers do that.

    As soon as our menu’s had been whisked away, A leaned in, very interested and with her eyes flashing.

    “What did you call our girl parts? E, what did he say we have?”

    “ Lovely ladybits.” Responded E, right on cue.

    “Yeah. Lovely ladybits. I like it.” A looked well amused.

    “It was about time someone thought up a better one,” Agreed E “It’s the old problem, of course. Some names are too cutesy and some are too vulgar and others are too clinical. But I can totally gab with my girlfriends about our ladybits.”

    “Your lovely ladybits.” A corrected playfully. “Totally. Where did you hear that one?”

    “Where?” I echoed “Just now. When I said it.”

    E snorted. “You just made that up?”

    I tilted my head and with mock noblesse I declared. “Yes, just for you, from this day until the end of your line.”

    “Woohoo! I got a new word made for me and it’s super fu-un.” E singsonged.

    “Okay, but back to the sex talk,” A insisted, “So, a… hummer is more passive for the guy, I get that. But the mouth feels different, right? I mean, I'm grateful for the insight but I am really curious. Dicks are morbidly fascinating. The mouth muscles aren't the same, and the tongue is there, so is that enough to change how the orgasm feels? I always got the impression that coming always felt really, really good to guys no matter where they are.”

    “You only think dicks are weird because you didn't grow up with one,” I corrected “Guys grow up not just feeling their parts, but seeing them too. Touching and seeing go hand-in-hand, pardon the pun. So the first way it feels different is that it's much easier to watch a blowjob. That's really fun.”

    A knowing, sparkling look passed between them. I wonder how long it takes women to expect that a guy will move her hair away so that he can watch. I'm thinking about two and a quarter minutes.

    “But no matter how many kegels you do,” I continued “You won't be able to provide the level of suction between your legs that is available between your molars. So it's different too because pressure changes how things feel. Just suck on your fingertip if you don't believe me.”

    They obliged more or less at once. If only all things were so simple, particularly when it came to the mouths of two rather stunning ladies.

    “See? They feel similar, but when you suck, the modification changes the feeling. It may not seem like much there, but for a man, it can be terrifically intense. I think that’s why so many men try suction when they’re returning the favor.

    “But blowjobs feel different primarily because the guy knows that the girl is trying to get him off. The buildup and intensity are so substantial because the guy knows that before long the lady will taste him and make the conscious decision about what to do next.”

    What we did next was to button up, though, because our salads had arrived, carried by a runner whose blank expression indicated that she definitely probably had not heard what we were discussing.

    [To be continued…]
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