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Discussion in 'General Sex Discussion' started by Azaroth, Mar 18, 2004.

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  1. Azaroth

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    Feb 21, 2004
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    I was dating a girl in college, I am a junior and she is a freshman.... 5 months
    I asked her out a month into it she said - no, i am not ready i been in a 3 year relationship and i just broke up with my boy friend
    Jan - tried to ask if things changed..... same thing
    March 15 asked where things are going,....- same thing - but now it seems to be diffrent....

    She told me she really liked me and she wasn't hooking up with other people, she says she only has sex with someone who she is exclusive with... and she told me in jan that eventually we will go out....

    here some things she said just a couple days afterwards:

    Me: I hope you didn't get the impression that i was mad with ya yesterday or today
    Her: no i was giving u spce i guess- and u did seem mad

    Me: well i had a lot of fun, and i am not sure if ya want that as of now...
    Her: and then in another 3 weeks we'll have another talk just like we've been doing for the past 2 months--it'll be the same

    Me: i was wondering if things are going to cont. with us..
    Her: well we're not really together

    Me: are we going to still hang out and stuff? and did what we did the past 2 months
    Her: : lets just let whatever happen happen

    Me: well i will stop with the talks, about trying to establish a couple thing, and i am going to presume that won't happen
    Her: and if hanging out so much confuses you and other people...then maybe we shouldn't hang out as much

    Me: but do you want to keep hanging out as much as we did, and doing the same stuff?
    just without the talks?
    Her: maybe not as much, because i guess it's too much like a cuple if we hang out as much as we did

    Me: so those things didn't mean anything, seems like you regret doing it and did you like it?
    that and what we did the past 2 months i guess, i thought we got a lot closer..
    Her: what things?, no not at all, never we did- we really did...almost like a couple though, i enjoyed it though
    (Broken up commas, mean breaks between the 2 thingys)

    Her: just don't expect anything but let whatever happen just happen without thinking---and i don't mind if you hang out with other girls, : i know u had asked if you hooked up with other girls--i don't want to know about it though--bc i know i will get a little jealous
    Me: is that what we were doing? it seems like don't expect anything - sounds like that it done.
    like things are finished
    Her: : no- just have fun

    Me: are you telling me to go after other girls cuz your going to go after other guys?
    and thats what you mean by go have fun
    or just have fun
    Her: well if we aren't goping to have a title then i don't want to be holding u back
    no- just have fun with us
    Me: i have a lot of fun with you, and i don't want anyone else... - and i don't consider the time spent with you holding me back
    ya sorta didn't answer that question directly
    Her: to make thing less serious- it prolly wouldn't hurt to hang out with other people
    for you & me ( I had to ask for me or for her and she said both)

    Me: so you omit things were goign serious, and now you want that to stop?
    Her: yea- i don't want a boyfriend or anything serious right now

    These are taking out of a convo - if you can read all that and tell me what you think

    also her roomy told me - that her impression that we are just friends.... and she told me she took down my picture... on the wall.....

    THe talk was - Where things are going .......... I dont know ... have you thought about it......yeah....... is it the still same thing........yes (... the reason)........ I told her i am getting emotionally attached cuz we started getting serious, and i dont think i can keep doing this............ and she started to cry............... and i told her im not going ne place............. that was the talk nothing bad...........

    Please I am in Dire need!!!

    ! Az
  2. barbie

    barbie New Member

    Jan 7, 2004
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    I think maybe she is not ready for a relationship.She probably does care for you but not as a regular boy friend.Maybe if you don,t pressure her,and go out with other friends she will come to realize she really does want you.And if she don't,you are lucky to find out before you get to involved,and for her to only dump you.My advice to you is,stay just friends with her,but go out with other people,and have some fun.If it's ment to be with you and her,it will come.
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