Day 9 - The After Party

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    As we pull into the driveway, my mind is racing as to which direction I want to take Diamond in. After her behavior at the club she really has to get it now.

    Now in the house diamond is getting undressed and i've already hopped in the shower. As I come back in the room she passes me headed for the shower wearing nothing but a smile. I turn on a little music, reach under the bed and grab the tie downs and light a few candles.

    Diamond emerges from the bathroom smelling fresh and with a look of surprise. "what's all of this X?" she ask. "It's the after party baby" I tell her. I can see the excitement in her eyes as I lead her to the bed and lay her down. I strap each of her hands in the restraints first, followed by both ankles. Now I have her in a very compromising spread eagle position and there's nothing she can do about it.

    To add to the mystery I cover her eyes with a scarf. This is really a site to behold, just standing here looking at her has my dick pulsating already. I lean over and kiss her softly on her lips. Then I gently trace her lips with my tongue, as she hungrily searches to find my tongue with her own. Working my way down, I slightly nibble/ suck her on the neck. I step away from the bed for a sec and walk around the other side. Not knowing where I coming from next, she lays in wait.
    I run my tongue slowly up her calf, until I reach the inside of her left thigh and I walk away again. I re-emerge on the right side and begin circling round and round her right nipple with my tongue. Sucking it , flicking and gently biting it. Diamond has really heated up and she squirms side to side, but is unable to free herself.

    I slowly climb up on the bed and put my dick softly against her lips and she obliges and opens her mouth just wide enough to receive the head of my dick. She works her tongue around it as I slide it in out slowly. Again I walk away from the bed. "X, no come back don't do that, this isn't fair" she begs. As she continues to beg my return, I slowly slide my finger inside of her soaking wet pussy, and she gasp for breath at this surprise. In and out...round and round..Now 2 Fingers.....I watch as a small wet spot starts to develop on the sheets between her legs. With my 2 fingers still stirring up wetness, I suck her clit as if it were a straw. Her body shakes and buckles and she screams, " wait, wait a minute." To me that sounds like don't stop, so I suck harder as she's cumming and it really takes her over the top.

    I unstrap her legs and crawl in between them. I am on my knees holding her legs up on my biceps, and slowly slide my dick inside of her, just enough to take her breath away. She thinks I am about to slide it back out, but she's wrong. Instead I slide it in deeper, so deep that I feel the wetness of her pussy touching my balls. I grind my hips around and around and slowly slide out just far enough to get leverage to slam back inside of her. " Yes X take it, take all of it, don't stop, please don't stop". I oblige and stroke harder and fast, I drop her right leg and put her left leg up on my right shoulder and continue on my mission. " OMG X you are fucking the shit out of my pussy, O-M-G!!!!". As she cums again I thrust deeply inside of her and hold it there until she's finished.

    Now I unstrap her hands and flip her over. Only now she is standing on the side of the bed face down with her arms spread and restrained on both sides. I bite her on the ass gently and then slap it on the other side. I reach down and grab a handful of the back of her hair, pulling her head up off the bed, while sliding back inside of her at the same time. I commence to pounding her pussy with the full length of my dick, her screams and moans have been replaced with gasp for breath. As she cums again her whole body shakes violently and she screams " No more X , please, no more". I'm not gonna stop, but I will slow down so she can get herself together. I release her hair and place both of my hands on her shoulders and pull her back to me as I slowly slide all the way in......................then slowly all the way out. I feel her pussy gripping my dick as I slide in and out of her. Letting her shoulders go I reach back and grab a handful of each of her cheeks and spread them apart very wide and I watch as my dick goes in and out of her pussy. Between what i'm saying and her moans, I can't take it anymore. I reach over and unstrap her left hand and roll her over, just enough to get my dick to her mouth. Just as she puts her tongue on the tip of my dick, I explode inside of her mouth and the excitement from my explosion causes her to cum again as she sucks and licks me clean.

    I unstrap her other arm and we both collapse on the bed totally exhausted. Diamond rolls over and puts her head on my chest . She looks up at me and says, Baby can we go out to the club again tomorrow?" We both laugh snuggle for a minute and fall into a deep sleep.
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