Day 8 - The Club

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    Friday night, time to hang out and have some fun. Diamond and I head out to the local hot-spot to meet some of our friends for a night of drinks and fun. The club is really packed tonight, but the vibes is right on point.

    After mingling a little , me and Diamond hit the dance floor. Those couple of drinks have her feeling it, because she is out here doing some exotic stuff, that has me wanting to do her right here on this floor. Mmmmm Mmmmm..Mmmmmm.

    Diamond and the ladies make a trip to the restroom and I head to the bar to order another round for us all. While standing at the bar waiting to get served, Diamond walks up and kisses me on the neck and stuffs something in my pocket and giggles and heads back to the table to join the others. After she walks away I slide my hand inside my pocket and find Diamond's wet panties. Wow, is all I can think right now. She just totally threw my concentration off and I come back to reality only to hear the bartender saying, " Sir if you're not ready to order please step aside so someone else can." I regain my focus order the drinks and head back to the table.

    ​Now this whole club scene has become very different and challenging for me. Knowing what I know about what is in my pocket and no longer under that tight red dress, is driving me absolutely crazy. Now back on the dance floor this night is spinning out of control for me really fast. Diamond keeps shaking that ass and grinding up against my dick. Unable to resist any longer I grab her by the waist and commence to grinding back. She leans her head back onto my shoulder and I begin kissing her softly on her neck. The smell of her perfume and thought of that bare pussy under that dress, have my dick pulsating and throbbing in my pants. I take her by the hand and lead her off the dance floor and to a dark corner of the club. Everyone in this section of the club is so in tuned to their own conversations, no one notices us against the wall kissing deeply and passionately, and if they do, I do think neither of us care at this moment.

    Diamond's back is up against the wall and her arms are wrapped around my neck. I'm looking into her eyes as I slide my finger up and down her wet slit. She wants to kiss me again, but I tell to just stare into my eyes and read my mind. I now have my middle finger knuckle deep inside of her and the look in her eyes, tells me that nothing else matters at this moment. I start sliding my finger in and out of her faster, then slip a second inside. To avoid screaming out, Diamond grabs the back of my head and thrust her tongue into my mouth and cums quietly, the only evidence of her cumming are my soaked fingers. I pull my hand from under Diamond's dress and she heads off to the bathroom. When she returns, I whisper in her ear " Let's get out here". Oddly she says no and grabs my hand and takes me to another side of the club to a booth. I slide in first and Diamond slides in the booth and onto my lap. The tables at the booth are covered with table cloths, which perfectly disguise anything going on behind them. She reaches back and grabs my dick out of my pants and in a matter of seconds I'm rocked hard again. Unexpectedly she raises up just a little, slides her dress up just above her waist and sits her hot, wet pussy right down on my awaiting dick. OMG what has gotten into her tonight, I don't know and I don't care. With the music blasting in the club, she begins to slowly grinding around and around on my dick to the rhythm of the music. I have my hands extended in front of me and resting on the table trying my best not give away our little secret. Diamond has her head down to hide her face. To someone looking on, it would appear that she is just really into the song. She moves from grinding to rocking back and forth without missing a beat. My dick is throbbing sooooooo hard inside of her and I feel her juices running down my balls. I take my hands and put one on each side of her waist and take control. Holding her lower body motionless, I thrust my dick deeper inside of her and begin my own slow wind. She catches and restrains herself from fondling her breast. I abruptly change the direction of my slow wind as I feel her cum running down my balls once again. With the benefit of the loud music disguising us, Diamond yells out " Yes that my shit right there", as I thrust deeply again, I explode. Feeling my body tense up she knows what's going on and begins grinding and winding again leaving me in a very vulnerable state, but it feels oh so good. She pulls her skirt down and I put my dick away and I whisper in her ear " Meet me in the parking lot".

    I'm leaning up against the car as Diamond approaches. She doesn't know it, but my dick is rocked up again and out of my pants. I'm hiding it by the way i'm standing with my hands in front of my crotch. The only people I see around the parking lot are the parking attendants and they all seem pre-occupied. As Diamond gets within my reach, I pull her by the arm and bend her over the trunk. Quickly sliding her dress up and spreading her legs. Before she can respond, I slide the head of my dick inside of her, then I take it out, then back back in and out again. Expecting just the head on the next thrust, I slam my whole dick deep inside of her and slowly....very slowly slide it all the way out to the tip before slamming it in again. She is sticking her ass out and receiving every inch of me as she moans and reaches for something to grab onto. I spin her around and lift her off of her feet, she puts her hands behind her and up on the trunk to brace and balance herself. Now I slide in and out of her pussy in a rocking motion...." Faster X ", she screams...."Harder, Harder, yeah just like that". As I long stroke her pussy deeper , harder and faster we both fall victim to our passion and explode together as if it were scripted. I put her legs down and before I can utter one word Diamond has stooped down and she is sucking our juices off my dick.

    Just as we get ourselves together we look up to find our friends standing there. Thinking that we've been busted we are just about to explain, when one of our friends says " There you guys are we thought you left, here's your pocketbook Diamond you left it at the table".

    On the ride home Diamond lays exhausted in her seat, but the look on her face is that of pure satisfaction. I'm already thinking about what i'm going to do to the pussy when we get home...................................................

    To Be Continued...........................Chronicles of Ecstacy