Date with other lady (lost in database crash)

Discussion in 'General Sex Discussion' started by bluenavigator, Dec 28, 2006.

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    Seem that thread, that I had posted, was lost. So I am reposting this one. Some of members had read this before. Just that there are updates of what happened so far.

    I am sure that everyone remembered that I was stood up and got message from my date. We see each other time to time at my work as she already transfered to new location of same city, where I am.

    I wasn't expected to see her, near end of my shift. She was in toy department and waved at me as I was pulling stuff. So I waved back to her. Seem that we are still on good terms. I met her after my shift and talked a bit more. I already informed her that my wife knows what's going on and didn't mind this at all. Of course, as expected, my date was shocked at this news. She admitted that she was worried that my wife might be jealous and look for her. I had explained everything to my date. She is still interested to go out with me sometimes soon. Next night, we bumped into each other once again. I am not sure if she was there on purpose to see me again. Of course, Xmas shopping was crazy enough to throw us off track and meet families seperately. I went to see my family and had good time with them as she did with her family.

    I had made several calls to her and talked with her for a while. We had good short talks since we sleep at different time since she works 3rd shift (graveshift).

    Of course, I know that this one is "unwritten" rule. It is rude to ask the lady for her age, correct? How can I be sultet to ask for her age? Any advice, please.

    I had spoke with my very old friend from my childhood, I asked her about this one. I mentioned that I might tell my date that she looks good and young and give her my guess of age. I thought off my head of this number - 37, since I am 36. My friend said no and suggested to say 34. I asked her for what particular reason for this exact number. She insisted me to say 34, not another number. So I ask you to think of why my friend say 34. Any idea?

    On last call, we talked about our families and how much fun we had. I finally admitted to her that every time I see her, I find her to be more attractive lady, even better than when she was in work uniform. She laughed and say that I am being very sweet. I think that she might think that I am teasing. Am I? At end of the call, she mentioned that we will get together and have good time together soon. She said that she promised me. I am little stumped at that remark of promise. Did I offend her at all? Any comment will be appericated since it will be my first time to date hearing lady. Yup, you get the draft that I'm deaf and had been with other deaf people for my whole life. I am being nervous wreck right now.
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