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    I sit next to you in the limo as we ease towards our meeting. Our dinner has been postponed and your business partners await us. I am annoyed with it and you know it. My first night with you in awhile and now I'm having to deal with your business.

    I exhale sharply and you give me a disapproving look. I draw my gaze from the window and lower my head and look to my shoes. This was my night and I don't want to share, I think to myself. I was not expecting to share you tonight, you were my tormenter alone.

    I am dressed only to please you and to provide you easy access to me. The black v neck halter top I wear dips drastically to show my cleavage. The pencil skirt is well fitted but made of stretchable material so it will slide up easily. I wear no panties to restrict your access from me.

    Your work is fouling up my pleasure. I don't care for it in the least bit. All these thoughts and others are careening around my mind. I am lost in my own head and no longer notice anything else.

    You must have noticed that I was no longer attentive or paying attention as I should. I am broken from my thoughts when you slide your hand into the v of shirt and pinch my nipple sharply. I gasped. My nipples are still sore from your past attitude adjustments and punishments.

    I look to you and see you staring me down. You explain that I will always be attentive. I will do as you expect. If I am unclear or seem unclear, you will explain or direct me as me needed. That my pleasure or displeasure hinges on yours. I nod my understanding as the limo rolls to a stop.

    As the driver gets out, you slide your hand between my legs up my skirt. You stick two fingers into my wet pussy and push my hips toward them. You withdraw quickly, and shake a finger at me. I know you were checking my readiness for you. I will get no pleasure at the moment.

    The door opens and we head into your office. Two of your partners await you. I don't even bother to look as I take a seat next to you, it doesn't involve me and I just want this over with quickly so I can have you to myself. I share you enough with them anyway.

    Time passes as I'm lost in my own thoughts of how this night should be going and how it will be going. I no longer hear any of the conversation around. My thoughts are lost on how I will suck your cock when we get back in the limo when I feel you get up from your chair next to me.

    I fall back into my thoughts of you cumming in my mouth when I am shocked as you run your hands down the neck of my shirt and start fondling my nipples. I fix my gaze on the table and concentrate on your voice, awaiting your commands. You ramble on about business while I am lost in the teasing my nipples, my pussy aching heavily.

    You stop and pull my chair away from the table, and spin it around so I am facing you. You grab back of my head and pull me into the floor onto my knees. I know what is expected of me. You train your employees well for your business and you train your pleasure as well.

    I undo your pants and begin sucking your cock in long, deep, consistent strokes. I pause every so often to suck the head and circle it with my tongue. Your hand on the back of my head holding me onto your cock as I take it into my throat. I can feel the gaze of your partners watching me as I fervently suck your cock.

    You grab my hair and pull me off your cock, pulling my head back so that I am looking at you. You look at me then across the table. I nod my acknowledgement of your wishes and get up quickly.

    I move around the table to your partners and pull their chairs away from the table and quickly get to my knees in front of them. I undo their pants and pull their already hard cocks out. With a free hand I work one while sucking the other. I try to act as eager as I would be with your cock. I can not disappoint you.

    I switch between them, taking turns working one with my mouth while I twist my hand up the shaft of the other. Dipping my mouth ever so often so the head of the cock in my mouth goes into my throat. Neither will be left out. I feel you watching me and hear your steps coming closer.

    You step in behind me and spank my ass harshly causing me to moan around the cock in my mouth. You lean in and ask me if I like the cocks in front of me. I do not say no. I know better than to disappoint you. It's not your cock, but nod anyway. If I insult your partners, my punishment will agonizing. You laugh knowingly.

    I feel you pull my skirt up, and gasp as you stuff your cock into me quickly and begin stroking deep into me. I take the cock in my mouth deep inside my throat as push deep inside me.

    Your hand grabs my hair and pulls me off the cock in my mouth. I pause as you untie the straps of my top from the back of neck, the front falling down, and my tits free. My sore nipples erect and aching.

    I put my hands on my hips as the partners in front of me stand. I watch as one steps forward lays his cock between my tits, and pushes them together around his cock. He starts fucking my tits as the other stands next to him and sticks his cock into my face which I suck eagerly as you continually thrust into my pussy.

    You reach around me and start playing with my clit as the thrusts in mouth and between my tits gain speed. I push my hips back against you as fuck me deeply with your cock. I'm close to cumming and can't stop. I moan heavily on the cock in my mouth and shudder.

    The cock between my tits pulls away and I can hear him jacking off. I push my tits together and upwards. I feel the head of his cock on my tits, the rhythm of him jacking off as he cums onto my tits.

    Your fingers on my clit are more than I can stand and I cum, pushing hard onto your cock in my pussy. I moan and stuff the cock in my mouth deep into my throat. The cock quickly pulled from my throat and cumming on my tits also as I shudder heavily on your cock in me.

    Your cock driven deep into me, I can feel you cumming in me and I sigh heavily. I am a mess as you pull your cock from me and dismiss me to your office. You know I love that private bathroom you have with the shower where I will be waiting on you...
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    Nice story.... Who shows up in the shower - him or his partners?..... Guess we will have to wait for the next part
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    very sexy has got me quite hard :)
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