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    I was searching for tips on cuddling techniques but couldn't hardly find anything. The girl I am seeing now is a cuddler, she likes to get in close and do nothing but wrap her self around me and cuddle. I am not used to this, every other girl I've been with doesn't really like to do that.

    I love to cuddle too, so it's one thing I like about her. But here are some of the problems I'm having; it will keep both of us awake for too long during the night, parts of my body will get sore from being in the same position for too long, my arm will fall asleep which happens to her too sometimes.

    Does anyone have positions that work well for them? I know there is spooning (not sex spooning but cuddle spooning) which works fine, except once she complained my pubic hairs were tickling her bum. But what other positions are there?
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