Could this be real?

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    This was the first submission I made to my sex blog...thought I'd give writing erotic a shot. Feedback would be great =)


    It was as if she was slipping into a warm, soothing bath. The heat slowly crept up her body, starting at her toes…lingering at her thighs and waist…and then easing up her stomach, breasts and neck. An unexpected sigh pushed itself out from her lips. What was happening?

    Fingers in her hair, legs entwined in hers, her neck curling back: it was a moment of no compare. She tried to make out the man’s face, but could only make out a blurry mess of colors, dabs of paint swirled together upon an artist’s exhausted palette.

    Her face grew flush as she felt the heat focus itself between her legs. Biting her lip, she reached out, her hand wrapping itself around the back of his neck. He was growing harder, that much she was sure of- the throbbing bulge just beneath his belt was pressed so tightly against her she could swear she felt a pulse. Her heart beat with it. The desire was poisonous.

    She could feel a knot in her stomach as the anticipation grew. As he lay her back onto the bed, she arched her back; a futile attempt to near closer to his stiffening protrusion. She could of swore he smiled as he pushed her back down, his hands reaching outward, grasping her breasts, thumbs sliding along the slope to her nipples. Biting her lip once more, she tasted blood.

    Lowering his head, his mouth descended upon her now erect pink peaks. The man’s warm, moist tongue lapping sent her into a state of pure bliss. Almost lightheaded, she felt her mind slowly pull back from herself; an ecstasy like no other. Her hands reached out, resting upon the man’s throbbing mound. She could feel its shape, its size, and heat. Her thumb, sliding along the denim to its waist, ran into his tip, peaking out the top. Dabbed with precum, she took it back, sucking hungrily on her thumb. Though small, the drop was thick and salty.

    Finally he seemed done with his teasing. He pulled back, towering above her, hands reaching to his belt. Her chest heaved up and down with each breath- her heart heavy with want. It was hers.
    The belt was unbuckled, pulled through the loops, and now tossed to the ground. His button was undone, and then the zipper, and now he began to lower his pants. She could see his manhood outlined against hers boxer-briefs. So large. So thick. It was hers. All hers…

    And that’s when Teresa awoke.
    Goddamnit, she thought, these are always the worst mornings…
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