could anyone help me out with my kink?

Discussion in 'Adult Personals' started by unicornswithbreast, Oct 17, 2012.

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    Oct 17, 2012
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    Okay, please know that I am brand new to this site and don't know completely what is the norm here, so if I post something that shouldn't be here please don't get upset, just ignore it.

    This is my first post here. I'm 21, female, and a total voyeur. Not like watching people change clothes or anything, I love watching people have sex and masturbating, as well as listening to audio files of people having sex or masturbating. Sounds are the biggest turnon for me, and knowing that it is actually "real" and not some fake "homemade" stuff online. Moaning, heavy breathing, the sounds of passion and pleasure.

    Like I said, I hope this isn't wrong or crossing a line, but I don't consider it cybersex so hopefully it's okay: I was wondering if anyone of you would consider sending me homemade video or audio files to my email address? It can be completely anonymous. A lot of smartphones would allow you to record sound and video and then email it directly from the phone. I am interested in male and female, gay and straight individuals/couples, whatever. I just have a serious kink, and it would be SO awesome if people would help me out. There's just something different about knowing it's real. Even just audio sent to me anonymously would be amazing - especially women. Unfortunately, I live way out in the country and don't have any way of streaming video/watching webcams because the internet is unbelievably slow and inconsistent.

    Please please help me out, my hormones are going crazy. And if you don't want to, please dont be mean in response, I didn't mean to upset anyone. The worst thing people can day about my fetish is that it's 'creepy', so please try to understand.

    Thank you :) this forum looks really fun...and I don't plan to make a habit of making posts for my own selfish needs.
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