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    My wife is 16 years younger. This is a true story from when we went to a Hinder concert. To this day that has been my favorite concert,(not because of the music). The wife(Tammy), not her real name, isn't slim but isn't huge. Tammy wore a loose fitting, short red dress. During the opening band(wasn't very good), Tammy leaned over and whispered in my ear. “Want a blowjob?” A little surprised and excited, I readily agreed. We found an empty section in the upper mezzanine and sat in the back row. Tammy undid my jeans and pulled my stiffening cock out. She slid down to her knees and started licking and sucking my member. I was enjoying her mouth when some guy sat down next to us. “Mind if I watch”? Tammy looked up at me, my cock half in her mouth, and I just shrugged. I've always been a bit exabitionist. She mumbled something and just went back to work on me. Tammy looked up at me and rolled her eyes towards the stranger. I just shrugged again. She reached her hand out and started rubbing him through his jeans. When he didn't protest she unzipped his pants and started stroking his cock. He gasped in surprise when Tammy took her mouth off me and slid it down on his cock. I watched, excited, as my wife sucked on a stranger's cock. I loved watching her lips slide up and down his shaft, how he cheeks pulled in from the suction. I could tell when he came from the little stutter to Tammy's Motion. Her neck worked as she swallowed his entire load. She continued sucking him and running her tongue around the head of his cock until he went soft. He thanked her and left. We went back to our seats for Hinder. Once home we had one of the most intense sessions of fucking we've had.
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