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    OK Let me try this erotic writing

    I was working in the clinic one night while serving overseas. It was late, and all the others on shift had gone to the bunk room for some down time. I was sitting at the desk writing the last of my reports when she came walking in. Alexis. I knew her from around the compound. She was not the Petite skinny girl that all of the others on the base were after. She was a little more mature and she had some nice curves. She wore the uniform well too.

    She came up to the desk, "I need to get a shot, I was supposed to come here during the day, but I was busy with work."

    I asked what the shot was for and she told me that it was he birth control shot, she was going home onleave in two months and wanted to make sure that it was all set into her system before she got home.

    I went and asked the MD real quick if he wanted me to take care of this, or did he want to see he first. He said go ahead and take care of it and he would sign the paperwork later.

    I went back to the desk, and signed Alexis in. It was hard to believe that she was here for this, at this hour. I could see her coming in the day, when there were others there, but this was strange. I did not think about it too much, as it was my job to be here and I knew where she worked. I could see where she would be busy and only have time in the evening.

    I showed her to the exam room and had her remove her uniform top. Her round tits stretched her t-shirt and I could see a nice outline of her bra. I could tell that it was lacy by the way it was showing through the shirt. Too keep from staring I got back to work. I checked her basic vitals. We started with small talk as I normally do with patients in the clinic. I told her that I would be right back, I was going to get the medicine that she needed. I went back into the med room and go everything drawn up.

    "OK you know where this one has to go, don't you?"

    "Yup" she said as she stood and started to undo her belt. I asked real quick if she wanted a chaperone and she said "No" with a grin. I was starting to wonder at this point. She unbuttoned her pants, and turned her back to me. She pulled her pants down, a little more than most girls would here in the clinic. She let them down to her knees. I could feel my cock getting hard immediatly. Especially when I got a look at he white panties. They too were lacy. They were boy shorts and OH MY GOD. I got so hard.

    I went ahead and gave her the shot. When I was doing it, I was able to place my hand on her nicely round, panty covered ass. Ohh, did it feel good. When I was done, she complimented me on how good I did and it did not hurt at all.

    "Thanks" I replied. But she did not stand up right away.

    "Did you like having your hand on my ass?" she asked with a grin.

    "Umm, yeah, it was nice"
    "Go ahead and do it again."

    This time I moved behind her and placed both my hands on her panty covered ass. Man did it feel good. She wiggled and moved. I slid my hands down over her cheeck and to the top of her thighs. I slid my thumbs under the lace side and started moving up and over anlong the outside. she stood up and leaned back into me. I slid my hands around the front and down the outside front of her panties. she turned her head and started kissing me on my cheek and ear. I played with her clit through her panties. I could hear her breathing getting heavier. She slid on hand to my cock and started stroking it through my uniform pants. My cock was so hard at this point I thought it would burst. I could tell that she was getting wet by the way that her panties felt as I ran my fingers down her slit. The lace was feeling so good and letting her juices soak through.

    She turned around and dropped to her knees. She unbuttoned my pants and pulled out my throbbing cock. It hit her in the face and without missing a beat she opened her mouth and took my cock all the way in and started sucking me like there was no tommorrow. She only sucked for a little while, as she did not want me to cum too soon.

    She stood up and bent back over.

    "I want you to fuck me now"

    I NEVER saw that coming. But who could complain. Here was this sexy chick, pants around her ankles, ass covered in lacy white boy shorts, telling me me to fuck her. She pulled her panties to the side and exposed her pussy to me. I moved my dick head into postition and gently slid it in. She looked at me and said, "Be gentle, it has been a while and I am probably going to be a little tight"

    Yes she was tight, but she was also wet. Very wet. So that helped me slide in my dick without too much pain. She grabbed a pillow and let out a scream into it. I slid it all the way in. Got it nice and deep, with my hands on her panty covered ass. Once I got it all the way in, she let out another yell. I started pumping her, slowly at first and them getting faster and faster.

    Her pussy felt great. Minimal pub hair and she was nice and shaved down. I continued to pump her from behind, placing my hands on her hips, thumbs under panties.

    I could not believe I was doing this. But it felt so good. I could feel the panties against the side of my cock and it just turned me on so much more. she was liking it too. I pumped harder and faster. SHe started moaning and screaming. Good thing that pillow was there, because she would have woke up the entire clinic with her screaming. I thought I was going to wake them upmyself.

    She said, "lets switch"

    She pulled my dick out of her and climbed up on the bed. She slid her pants farther down to her boots and let her legs spread out wide. I stood there stroking myself as she got into position. she also lifted her t-shirt up to expose her tits, and yes she was wearing the lacy bra that I thought she was. Her nipples were poking out just above the top.

    "Come here." She said motioning me to her. I moved my cock back into place as she pulled her panties to the side allowing me to move back in. I started moving in and out again, she pulled the pillow back to her face. I reached up and pulled at her bra allowing those nice tits to come free, and start bouncing back and forth with my thrusts into her pussy. I started breathing heavy, as did she. I could tell that she had cum again.

    I was getting ready to cum, she could tell, based on my moans. I started to pull out. She looked at me, "What are you doing?" she looked puzzeled, that is why I am on the shot."

    I grinned and thrust my cock back in, deep and hard. I could feel it getting ready to blow inside her wet soft pussy, I could also hear her starting to have another orgasm from her brewing up. I thrust again and again, and finally, shot my load up into her. I could feel her tighten up on me as she reached orgasm again.

    "OOOOHHH that was great," she said "I am glad that I came here late."

    the only thing that I could respond with was, "I am glad you came here too."

    "Did you like my panties and Bra?"

    "Oh yes, they are great." I replied.

    She stood up, pulling her bra out to allow her tits to fall back in. She could see that I was still staring at them. Pulling her t-shirt down over her bra she said, "We will have to see them again later."

    Then she bent over to pull up her pants. Still with her panties in place. I took in one more good look. Of course she took her time while belt over, allowing me to get my memory right. she pulled her pants up and I watched as the white lace disappeared under the tan of her uniform.

    Then she turned around and said, "If you like those, I want to get your Opinion on some others if you know what I mean" She winked at me. After fastening her belt she came over to me and wrapped her arms around me and planted a deep, passionate kiss. My god were her lips soft.

    "You may want to put that away." she said stroking my cock a couple of times.

    I put it away and fastened my pants and belt. After we both got our clothes back on, I led her out of the exam room and checked her out at the desk.

    "And you have a choice. Red bikini's with matching bra, or black lace thong and matching bra?"

    I looked at her and said black.

    She said, "Stop by the office during the dinner break, and you can see if you are getting what you want."

    She grinned and walked away, but I could tell that she was not walking the same as she when she came in.

    I could not wait until dinner.
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    south of england
    Did this really happen?

    I saw your nickname and the title of the story and I was all set to rip as a walter mitty type fantasy. but it reads well and has a ring of authenticity to it.

    I was in the british army for nearly 10 years and I've only shagged on operations a few times (privacy being at a premium) and they were mainly trousers down, bend over ,quick two minutes. I always felt guilty because it was unprofessional and caused bad feeling among everybody else.

    Though it does seem a bit strange that she'd be wearing undies like thongs and lace bra's. Is it true that the us army issue bra and knickers?

    Anywho I enjoyed it well done.
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    I liked it!
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