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    Another bad day and they don't seem to have an end in sight. I unlock my front door and it is dark inside. The house in which I live alone is empty. It feels empty. I flick on a light, loosen my tie, and make my way into the kitchen to raid the fridge. Nothing looks good, and I really don't want to be here in this house.

    I change into some street clothes and sit in front of the television with the remote in hand. There has got to be a better way to spend a Wednesday evening. I leave the house, lock the door, back the car out of the drive and head over toward the mall area. On my way I pass the theatre. There is one movie on the marquee that I did have an interest in seeing. On a whim I pull into the parking lot, and decide to bypass the line filled with young couples by getting my ticket from the automated machine. I grab a soda and a small overpriced bag of candy. My ticket is torn and I open the door to a darkened screening room. There aren't that many people in the seats, but it is the middle of the week. I head toward the second to last row in the back and sit square center, best seat in the house. The screen illuminates with the reflection of seemingly endless commercials before finally getting into the previews. There are a few comedic previews and laughter is heard from the rather sparse crowd, one laugh in particular is rather noticeable as it is rather near. A few more on-screen jokes accompanied by a few more failed attempts to suppress bursts of contagious laughter. I look around to see who the laugh belongs too. There is no one in the rows in front of me, no one in my row or in the rows above me and to my left. I turn my head to find a solitary figure situated several seats to my right in the row above me.

    She catches my look, and we lock eyes. A lifetime of social programming kicks in and I immediately look away.

    The movie begins, and I get carried away from the mundane day to day life and into the world of the story unfolding before my eyes. I'm oblivious to all things not on the screen. I don't even hear the footsteps moving behind me, and I am almost taken by surprise when a slim silhouette appears next to me. I look over. "May I?" a whispered voice asks.

    "Uh, yeah."

    The movie continues, and the two main characters are alone in a dimly lit room. They kiss, and begin to make love hollywood style. Carefully framed shots prevent too much of anything from being seen, the screen is filled with heaving and heavy breathing. Movement in my peripheral vision pulls me away and I look without turning my head to see the woman now seated beside me is breathing heavy. Her chest is heaving in rhythm to the screen. She catches me looking and I smile nervously turning back toward the screen. Suddenly there is a lot of movement. I look back over to see the woman pulling up her full skirt and tracing her painted nails up the inside of her thigh to where the back of her legs meet the curve of her butt. She lifts the skirt a bit further, she's smiling now knowing that she has my attention. She's completely opened herself to the world, but only I can see that this woman is not wearing any panties.

    She slumps down in her seat, puts her feet up on the seats in front of us and spreads her legs open wide. Her heels secure them on the backs of the seats. Her legs are shapely and toned. She runs one finger in between her wet shaved lips and with her other hand takes my hand and places it on her knee. I move my hand slowly toward her waiting throbbing slit, but I don't hurry. I take the time to enjoy the feel of her toned smooth legs.

    My hand reaches its destination and there is no mistaking her arousal. My finger glides inside of her, and her breasts lift as she breathes in deeply. I continue to massage her clit and run my fingers in and out of her.

    She pulls my hand away and leans over the arm rest to undo my belt and unzip my jeans. Once she's found what she's looking for she leaves her seat and kneels down in between my knees. She takes me into her mouth and I look around to see if anyone has noticed the movement happening behind their heads. The movie screen casts light which silhouettes her bobbing head. She is skillful with her tongue, and continues to bob her head up and down my erect cock for quite a while.

    She stands up, leans over, and whispers for me to follow her. I button back up and follow her out of the theatre. She looks around and sees no one. She grabs my hand and takes me into the woman's bathroom where she locks the door and leads me over to the sink counter. She thrusts herself up onto the counter and opens her legs. I open up and step in close. I push into her and she places one arm on my shoulder to keep me pulled in close. I thrust in and out, rubbing her clit with one hand. She leans back against the mirror, then leans forward, then grabs her own breast and massages it with her free hand. We're both breathing hard and loud. She pulls me in closer with force, and lets me know that she is cumming. I pull her down off of the counter and turn her around. I bend her over, throw her skirt over her back and push in hard. She's watching the action in the mirror. With both hands tightly on her hips I push in and pull out of her with force. I grab her hair and gently give it a tug. I begin to breath hard and I can feel what is fast approaching. When I reach the point of no return I pull her back onto me hard with the one hand I still have on her hip and I cum deep inside of her.

    She playfully rocks her hips side to side in order to feel what's inside of her. I slide out, we both clean up and walk out of the restroom, through the lobby and to our respective cars.

    I never did get to see that movie.
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