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Discussion in 'Erotic Literature' started by nudist78, May 10, 2014.

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    Has anyone ever had a friend, friends wife, family member that has done or said something to make you change your opinion of them? A shy, conservative or even dull person that you didn't look twice at and now fantasise about.

    I had a friends sister who was reasonable to look at buy a bit airy fairy and fluffy. Dressed dull, seed a bit 'out there'. Nice enough to say hello to but difficult to have a conversation with. Well one day we were having a BBQ and my friend had bought her sister along. My friend noticed we had twister and commented we should play. I jokingly said said that I thought there were too many people to get naked and play it properly. We both laughed because it was a long running joke between us. Anyway, the sister pipes up that there is no point playing unless you're naked! Me and my friends jaws hit the floor and we both stared at her. She looked at us and pointed out at uni they played naked twister every week. Neither of us saw that coming. Anyway, she is now the regular subject of my affection. At least, she is when I'm on my own!

    The other is a friends wife. Same thing, always seemed pretty dull, no sense of humour, looks awkward if innuendo is made. Would get annoyed if we talked sex. One day I was about yo play golf with a friend, had popped upstairs to use the toilet when he shouted at me to grab his golf glove from his top drawer. I opened the wrong one, turned out to be hers and there were a selection of about 5 sex toys. Needless to say I bought this up which made for some fun mini bets on the course. But that's a story for another thread I guess!
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