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    I'm 26, 6ft4, tanned, muscular tattooed amd I have a 7" cock.

    I'm horny and I really enjoy stripping, stroking and generally performing for women.

    I am offering multiple services here:

    Firstly I am offering to perform live on web cam for any reasonably attractive horny female between 20 and 35 that wishes to watch me. You don't have to do anything in return, however if you do feel like flashing me your breasts or teasing me than I shall be greatly appreciative.

    Secondly I am offering to cum tribute your sexy photos. I can either take still of myself masturbating and cuming onto your photo or I can make a short video for you.

    Here are some photos of me so that you know who you are dealing with

    Max :)

    image.jpg image.jpg
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