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    Thursday AM:

    You arrive at the office a bit later than I do. No one else is due
    to be there today since they will be away at meetings. So that
    leaves just you and I to pass the time and "get acquainted."

    Today you are dressed to kill - again wearing a thin silk blouse,
    almost transparent, and obviously no bra under it. I look at your
    leather miniskirt and wonder what might be under it, if anything.
    Your nylon encased legs go down to 3 inch "fuck me" heels, with
    straps around your ankles.

    We approach each other and you look up into my eyes with a smile,
    and I know what you want - as much as I do. Our lips touch and we
    wrap our arms around each other while probing each other with wild
    tongues. My hands reach up to caress your breasts thru the thin
    material, and I feel you nipples harden as I stroke around your hard
    bumps, your moans urging me not to stop.

    I reach down and caress your legs, raising your short skirt up to
    your waist. I am so hot with desire I know this will be a quick
    encounter and I hope you are as ready as I am for the coupling of
    our bodies. I then reach up and unbutton your blouse and jerk it out
    of the top of your tight skirt, exposing your magnificent mounds. I
    gram one tit in each hand and lift them to my mouth, alternately
    sucking one nipple after the other, and swirling my tongue around
    the outside of the nipple while squeezing the other with my hand.
    Your head drops back and you moan again with pleasure as your
    nipples grow hard and protrude even farther.

    Now I grab you under the arms and lift you onto the nearest desk .
    Then I open a drawer on each side for you to rest your feet on with
    your legs spread wide, opening your entrance for the next act.

    Once again we kiss passionately and you reach down and undo my belt,
    dropping my pants to the floor. You reach in my shorts to my waiting
    member and grasp it and pull it towards you. I push the shorts down
    to my knees as you stroke my cock, urging it to be as hard as it can
    be. You run your palm over my glans to get it wet with my precum and
    slide it all over my shaft. I reach down and tease your lips, not
    quite touching your clit just yet. I dip a finger in your pussy,
    gently, to discover your hot wetness and readiness for entry. I
    bring my wet fingers up and begin to stroke around your clit,
    wanting to make it as hard as the nipples on your tits.

    I keep stroking your clit sensing its ever increasing engorgement
    and I tell you to just hold my cock, not to stroke any more for fear
    of exploding before entering you. You are so hot I can hardly hold
    back but I want you to reach ecstacy before I reach my peak.

    As I stroke you with one hand, I use the other to reach into your
    waiting cunt to stroke your G-spot. When I touch the magic spot
    inside you, you again let out a moan of pleasure and say "Oh yes -
    right there - rub it."

    Your breath gets quicker and you mew with each stroke across your
    clit and your G-spot as you get ever closer to the point of no
    return. As your excitment heightens, I feel you squeezing my cock
    harder, trying to force yourself not to stroke me, but you must,
    because you must coax me to the same plateau of pleasure as you have
    risen to.

    Finally you can stand it no longer and you grab my cock tightly and
    take me into your pussy saying "Fuck me now, Bobby, Fuck me good and
    hard. I need to cum now!"

    I thrust as hard and deeply as I can - my balls crushed against you
    and hold myself there for a moment, savoring the feeling of your
    hot, tight wetness, and feeling my cock grow ever harder, if
    possible, as though drinking needed nourishment from your hot wetness.

    I back off and you grab my butt with your hands and pull me back
    towards you wanting me deep inside you. I want to stay deep in there
    but I know we have to fuck fast and hard to satisfy the primal urge
    we both have. There will be time for tenderness later but for now we
    just have to fuck our brains out.

    I back out, and you pull me back. You are now groaning with each
    deep thrust as though your are a virgin getting penetrated for the
    first time with each stroke. I am also groaning, hoping to last long
    enough for you.

    Finally you grab me and pull me really hard into you as your eyes
    roll back and you stop breathing. You let out a scream and I feel
    your pussy squeeze me as your orgasm begins
    and I time my thrusts with each spasm of your vaginal muscles. After
    several squeezes I can hold back no longer and I feel the pressure
    build and overcome me as my cock throbs and spurts out the first
    load of cum into you. By now we are both screaming with ecstacy and
    desperately trying to stay coupled as our orgasms take over our
    bodies. In and out I thrust, each thrust producing yet another burst
    of hot cum, causing you to yet again squeeze me, urging every drop
    out of my shaft.

    Finally the involuntary motion ceases and we just come together as
    deeply as we can to hold each other together in that final moment
    first looking in each other's eyes, then kissing deeply once again,
    perhaps hoping that we can rekindle the passion for another round,
    but we are so spent that further action would be impossible. As I
    feel my cock slowly shrinking, I slowly pull out of you and then we
    watch the combined semen and pussy juice drip from you onto the
    floor. I reach down and slip two fingers into your pussy, getting
    them wet. Then I gently stroke your slit up to your clit and you
    smile and tremble slightly since you are now so sensitive. I am sure
    if we had the time I could bring you to another orgasm within a few
    minutes but unfortunately we have work to do.

    We part and clean up as best we can, and slowly get dressed, wishing
    we could spend the day as it started................

    Who knows what will happen later in the day?
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    Oh man, I like that one. Now, if you will excuse me, I have some jilling off to do. :dgrin
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