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    Board Game To Help You To Make Your Fantasies Real.

    La historiadeB's game

    My wife and me invented a game to play ourselves. It's a sexual board game. Somebody told me he would like to try it with his wife, and I really want the most players to do it. Some other people enjoying it is a sexy thought for us. The winner, the one in finishing first gets two hours for being in command and get whatever he7she wants.

    You need:

    1. Print the board (full size)
    2. Print the instructions
      A bottle of the drink you like for shots
      Cards (you can do them or buying them done). Personally I printed them but you can do it however you want.
      An open mind

      TABLERO.jpg instrucciones.jpg

      And these are the CHALLENGES we have written in the surprise cards. You can adapt them at your needs or just invent some new ones. It would be fantastic if you share new ideas. I will translate them with google (I'm lazy)

      Roll the dice and depending on the number, Make up a short story in which you participate both on:
      Romantic dinner with sex 1-2.
      Exhibition 3-4
      Orgies 5-6
      Masturbate for two minutes, facing each other without touching the other.
      "Forget" the light on and open windows in a room of the house and stroll dipping for two minutes while pretending to look for something.
      Look in the closet and disguisse your partner as you please. He/she must remain like that until the next task.
      Your partner will make three questions that can be answered with yes or no. You have to lie and answer contrary to what you think.
      If you like the task your partner just made, show this letter and he/she will repeat it.

      (you can use it whenever you want).
      Your partner has to go back three spaces.

      (you can use it whenever you want, even when your partner has reached the goal)
      If you have to do a task and you prefer that your partner do it for you ... Show this card.

      (you can use it whenever you want)

      You won the game. You can claim your prize now or save this letter and keep playing. The you have to do it effective before your partner wins, if not, this card loses its value.

      Masturbate your partner slowly for two minutes.
      Lie on your partner's lap with her ass in the air. He will spank you 3 times with the intensity that you want.
      Tie the hands of your partner in his/her back. Masturbate for two minutes while he/she looks.
      Kiss passionately inside your partner's thighs.
      You are the director of a porn and your partner a candidate that is presented. Ask whatever question you want.
      Take a sip of your drink and pass it mouth to mouth to your partner.
      Your partner will be the photographer. You have to be professional and follow all his commands.
      You're in a job interview, you want to work and have to convince your boss to (your partner) your tongue skills will be helpful.
      Tie and kidnap your partner. Should be seated or on the bed while you take advantage of him / her without raping him/her.
      Make a doll with your pillow using clothes or just magination, have sex with it while your partner looks.
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