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    I have big news. Silverette wants to buy a pair of ben wa balls, and I am so excited. She's already tight, even after two kids, but she says she wants to be able to do more than just take me in. She's been reading a book on tantric sex, which is fine. I'm all for prolonged sexual contact, but after a while, I think I'm still going to want the release of orgasm. We'll see how it goes.

    Anyway, she's pretty much decided on surgical stainless steel; easy to clean, and all that, but she's also looking at some that are glass. I told her I'd ask for opinions, so ladies, have any of you tried theses? Guys, have you ever known a woman who used them?
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  2. alwaystry


    I knew one girl who used them, they were plastic, pretty small, and she liked them in her ass. It did make her have harder,convulsing orgasms
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