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    I haven't had this feeling since I was 20. At that age I was wild and care free, as many 20 year olds seem to be. I would wear women's clothing. Nothing over the top like oh-so-many queens wear, but clothes that women wear. I kept it simple. I wore tight fitting jeans, jean shorts, and running shorts. The shirts I also kept simple. I hated low circular hem'd shirts, but adored V-necks and normal shirts.

    When I was younger, I was almost always mistaken for a female. Back then I had dreads, so it was difficult to pinpoint my sex because the hair was long. As I grew older I cut them off, and usually had facial hair because I wanted to be identified as a man. That worked.

    I'm writing this because I recently cross dressed as a woman. I received many compliments. Some people responded with "finally,"because they know that I'm a very open person. It felt amazing. It was so freeing.
    I felt like this guy:
    It was like breathing out a breath of air which held the concern with anything that was bad in my life.

    I had fun.

    When I was in etero, the doctors told my parents that I was a female. They had a name picked out, they bought the clothes, they talked to me as if I was a female. I'm unsure of the science behind this period of development, but I have suspected that it might have something to do with it. When I want to be manly, I'm manly. When I want to be feminine, I'm feminine. It works either way. I'm not trying to be vane, but I do well in both suits.

    I have often thought about being a woman. Since modern science hasn't been able to perfect all aspects of a human body, I wouldn't have to worry about having a period. I get exactly what I want sans what I consider to be "the bad." But I don't want to forsake being a man either. I love being a guy. I also love pretending to be a woman.

    There are societal norms that come along with either sex, obviously. I have experienced both, BUT since I am a male, I have experienced the ones that females experienced differently and, perhaps, that should be analyzed with more scrutiny.

    There's far more to this post, but I'm a bit inebriated- so I'll leave it at this for now.

    Oh, P.S.-
    I don't want anyone to thing that this title suggests that because I dressed as a woman, and have been treated as a woman before that it makes me one. Brain chemistry decides that.
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