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    Jun 26, 2005
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    anyone else have fetishes that are going a bit far?
    im a real masochist/sado...heavily into cutting, bleeding, biting, scratching..hurting myself and my partner, getting him to hurt himself and me...i also have stigmatophilia fetish (sexually turned on by tats and piercings), many of you im sure, its common, to fantaises about being raped, and asphysxiophilia...i LOVE strangling myself/being strangled.i love pain..i have been known to actually orgasm from cutting myself, and the sight and smell of blood really turns me on...never mind watching it running down my boy's arms and chest.
    its just im getting really obsessed right now...last night my boyfriend nearly made me pass out in the cinema because i was desperate to be choked, and i began strangling myself in the shower tonight as a masturbation technique.
    just not quite sure how far to let this go before deciding its too far?i cant stop thinking about it!!
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    If blood flows you have gone too far, but as long as you have safety words and are prepared to stop when the word is "stop" then I don't see any problem with any activity.

    (other than that which draws blood)
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    Dear A Weird One,

    Self control and positive feelings about yourself are attibutres which can be enhanced.

    I have not used the masturbation technique of decreased blood flow to the brain, but I have heard about it. Strangulation cuts off air to the lungs, but blood to the brain may also be reduced. Blood flow to the brain requires a steady flow to reach all the remote section of the brain. So brain cells in the remote areas of the brain are at risk first. Brain cells die quickly freom reduced oxygen. Brain cells are not reproduceable, and the functions of the destroyed cells need to be learned by still living cells.

    It is difficult for me to judge how far is too far.

    One option for you is to look for comfortable ways to improve your self-control and self-esteem. I have taken a number of self-improvement courses, and feel that i have benefitted from most of the courses.

    Of course counseling is a more traditional option, but it might be difficult to find a counselor who will be effectively beneficial. Some people spend years in counseling with little progress toward thier goals.

    A Yoga class, or going to a Bhudist Temple to meditate may be steps toward feeling good, and developing breathing styles that bring more self-control.

    I get carried away with things sometimes myself, sometimes. I try to develop earlier stopping points for myself, so I can take control, brething deeply, visioning positive images, listgening to positive affirmations in my mind's ear.

    I use a telephone coach to try to work on improving certain things. Is there a friend you can work with, to strategies as you go along?

    I'll try to check to see if you have posted back, as you might want to take some steps sooner than later. I may have taken some of the courses you might be considering.

    I did a search on self harm and self mutilaton, on Yahoo. Here is a site with some info:

    Here is an article that seemed intelligent:

    Here are some ideas from the UK

    Here is an on-line resourse for self-harm:

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