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    Since this is my first story, let me explain that I am no good at making stuff up. If I post a story, it's a true story that really happened. This was last Halloween.

    I went out with a girlfriend and we visited a place where they had set up to do costume contests for people of all ages that was run by a local radio station. It’s kind of like a mall but outdoors with shops and eating places. My girlfriend loves to go braless and show off her good sized breasts and nipples. She gets a kick out of my camel toe activities so she is a good buddy when it comes to showing off. We walked around this shopping area for a while and enjoyed being looked at by the other people in costume. My friend was wearing a rainbow clown wig with white face paint. She had on white tights with white boots and a red and white tank top with a wide belt just wrapped around her waist. I teased her about having really bad panty lines. On the other hand, her nipples were easy to see since the top was tight and she had no bra on.

    I was wearing a pink halter top that had a plunging neckline. Showed a bit of cleavage. It was snug enough to show my nipples really well also. My midriff was exposed for several inches. On the bottom I wore some stretchy shorts that I bought years ago at Fredrick's of Hollywood. They look like denim but they are very stretchy material with printed stitching and printed pockets. From a distance, they look just like faded denim shorts but they are not. Since they are so stretchy, they are easy to fix so you have a lot of toe showing which I did. They also pull up into my butt crack really well. They are incredibly comfortable at the same time. We walked around for a long time, visiting the shops, buying some food and were offered candy from some of the shopkeepers who were handing out goodies to the kids.

    One of the shop keepers was a man with white hair in his fifties. Thin and good looking and with and obvious eye for the ladies. He was flirting with anything female that walked by. He had T shirts and gift items in his shop. As we walked by, he called us and said “ladies, I have a treat for you”. We looked at each other and said, “I bet”. When we got there, he handed use each a package of M & M’s. I was with my friend in her car so I didn’t bring my purse in with me. I took the package from him and instinctively tried to stick it into my pants pocket forgetting that I didn’t have any pockets. I said, “Oh no, I forgot, I don’t have any pockets.” He looked at my shorts and said, “you could have fooled me” I said “yea, they just look like they have pockets”. Still looking at my shorts and clearly able to see my obvious camel toe, he looked back up at me and said “Honey, with shorts like that, you don’t need pockets.... those are the hottest shorts I have ever seen”. I thanked him and said, “I’m glad you like them.” He said, “Honey, with shorts like that, you might just stop every man in his tracks tonight”. After that, I new I could say whatever I wanted and it would be ok. My friend is just rolling her eyes and grinning at all this. I said to the guy, “You must be a fan of camel toes”. He stepped back and took a long look at mine and then made eye contact with me and said “I hadn’t really noticed until you said that but now that you have called my attention to it, I have to say that I love camel toes an wish more women would show them”. I knew he had noticed before but was playing dumb to be polite. I told him that I enjoyed showing my toe off and that it turned me on when men looked at it. Now my friend has moved to the next shop as she knows me too well. He said, “Honey, you are one sexy babe. I only wish my wife had half of your sexiness.” I said, “I’m sorry, but maybe tonight I have helped you feel entertained for a few minutes with my camel toe.” He said, “Oh yes indeed and I appreciate it more than you know” I told him that I had to go but he was welcome to take a good long look before I did if he wanted to. At that, he said nothing but accidentally on purpose dropped a hand full of M & M’s so he would have to bend down to pick them up. I stepped back a little and parted my feet giving him a perfect view of my toe. I pulled my shorts up in the middle while he watched and slid my long finger down through my toe and back a couple of times. He stood up and said in a quiet voice, “Thank you my dear.... Don’t suppose you want to go out for a drink later on tonight”. I said “thanks but that I was heading back home.” He offered his hand and I shook it and said “Have a nice halloween”. He said, “Honey, I already have and it’s going to be a boring night after this, I can assure you of that!” I grinned and waved as I walked away.

    I joined up with my friend and we walked around for a while before we left. We went back to her house where we got naked and watched the Rocky Horror Picture Show. We are not lesbians. She is as straight as they come and I am a little bisexual. We both just love being naked however so we watched the movie. About 9:30 we decided to order a pizza and she told me that the same guy usually brings it and that she has answered the door wearing almost nothing before and he just loved it. She said she never gives the guy a tip. We decided to both answer the door naked if it was him. When the doorbell rang, she jumped up and looked out the peep hole and sure enough it was him. She swung the apartment door open and there he stood, silent but eyes popping out of his head and he looked at two totally naked girls, both totally shaved posing like a couple of fashion models for him. He said very slowly, “HOOOOOLLLLYYY SSSHHH****TTT!!!!! He looked about 19 and had a cute little beard and long brown hair. She said, “Happy much?”, He told her. She went to get the money and there I was. I said, “HI!” He said, “Lady, this is the best tip I have received all night!” (her apartment is on the third floor with the door around a corner so there is no chance anyone could see what was going on). My friend came back and paid him and took the pizza. He was lingering around trying to think of something to say. Finally he said, “Ladies, if you need any more pizza or maybe some cokes, just give us a call and I will bring them back NO CHARGE!” “Getting to see two beautiful naked ladies makes working on Halloween worth just about anything.” “Have a great night ladies! ... and thanks for the lovely view!” We just grinned at him and said, “thanks!” She closed the door and we almost dropped the pizza we laughed so hard. No we never ordered anything else. After the pizza, we were too full to do much of anything. I went home a little before midnight, gave myself a couple of orgasms thinking about the evening and went promptly to sleep. Well there is my little Halloween evening.
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