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    Sitting in the bath, minding my own business, no bubbles and so clear water. Our bathroom is on the ground floor of a very open plan house. I have the door open, which is completely normal for us.

    But then, without my knowledge, my GF arrives home. However, she is not alone as has brought around our attractive and single next door neighbour Kathryn.

    Both girls come into the house and I can already see them near the front door and they can see me. They are both a bit giggly as they have been to the pub after work and have probably had a couple of drinks each.

    They notice me, chat between themselves and then walk up to the bathroom. They hang around near the bathroom door, just a few feet from me and just far enough away that they cannot quite see into the bath.

    We chat and they giggle and flirt and make multiple joked about perving on me in the bath. My GF then walks forward until she is standing only 1 foot away from the bath and can clearly see me sitting their naked. She then turns and invited Kathryn into the bathroom.

    Kathryn is a little hesitant at first, but then Harriet beckons her and eventually she strolls in. She tries not to look and be polite initially. But then cannot help but see me laying there completely naked in front of her.

    She blushes slightly, but then as an exhibitionist I give her something to really blush about as I start to get an erection in front of them.

    After a few moments, I have a full erection and it is standing partly out of the water. Harriet giggles and Kathryn seems a little shy and so Harriet asks her if she likes my penis?

    Kathryn nods shyly and then Harriet informs her that it is 7 inches and that it compliments my fairly large muscular physique.

    We chat and flirt some more, the conversation getting more heated with multiple references to sex, my penis and threesomes.

    I also notice that Kathryn keeps glancing at my erect penis, which I am happy for her to do so, I even move it about for her and give her a waive.

    Harriet then tells me that Kathryn has admitted that she's horny and single and that she hasn't had any cock in months.

    I then look right at Kathryn and tell her that I'm happy to help and that she is more than welcome to sit on my cock.

    Kathryn is taken aback by this, not fully knowing that me and my bisexual GF are quite open and that we've chatted about threesomes and other fun activities many times before.

    Harriett then announces that she is also going to get in the bath and that Kathryn will be doing the same.

    Kathryn doesn’t really comment and just watches and Harriet starts getting undressed. Kathryn then starts doing the same and a minute or so later, both girls are butt naked in front of me.

    This gives me a raging boner and I cannot help put compliment Kathryn on her nice figure and lovely breasts.

    Both girls get into the bath on the opposite side of me and sit down facing me, each girls with their legs stretched out either side of mine.

    I take my time studying their breasts and then decide to touch myself a little bit.

    Harriet then asks Kathryn if she would like to watch me stroke my penis, to which Kathryn replies Yes.

    For a couple of mins I stroke my penis for them, whilst Harriet then turns slightly and starts to caress Kathryn's breasts.

    A few mins later, Kathryn is getting very hot and bothered and Harriet squeezes both her breasts and works both her nipples. Harriet then bends over and start to suck on Kathryn's nipples, getting her wet and excited.

    Kathryn hasn’t done anything with a girl before, but she is enjoying the attention from Harriet. Kathryn then turns slightly herself, making Harriet's access easier and so that she can also reach over.

    Kathryn then places her hands onto Harriet's larger breasts and proceeds to squeeze them vigorously.

    I then move forward myself and start to caress my hands up both girls' legs at the same time. I spend deliberate time around the backs of their knees as I know that this is an erogenous zone for many woman including Harriet.

    I then works by hands further up the insides of both of their legs and pull myself forward even more.

    Without permission, I reach both girls crotches and place a hand confidently onto each girl's vagina. With symmetrical motion I start to play with two pairs of pussy lips. Both girls moan with pleasure and Kathryn looks especially enthralled.

    I give each girl vigorous finger attention, speeding up and slowing down, playing with their slits, then just their pussy lips and then inserting two fingers for a while before going back to their clits again.

    I vary my actions depending on each girl, Kathryn receiving slightly more attention up top as Harriet aggressively sucks on one tit whilst squeezing the other.

    I try to synchronize both girls, stopping and starting until they are both shuddering and getting close to orgasm. Both girls are moaning, an Kathryn is laying back with her eyes closed in pure exstasy.

    Moments later these are two sets of almost simultaneous screams and I make both girls cum at almost the same time.

    Harriet then released Kathryn's breasts from her vice grip and both girls sit back feeling satisfied.

    We chat and flirt for a few minutes, before Harriet perks up and announces that Kathryn now needs to cock action.

    Harriet then physically pushed Kathryn forward and tell her to sit on me facing her.

    Kathryn does exactly as she is told and so gets up slightly and approaches my towering penis.

    Kathryn turns around and her exposed her round firm ass to me and so I take the time to grope and squeeze her ass cheeks for a few seconds.

    She then sits down and heavily slides by dick deep into her tight pussy. I gasp slightly at the pleasurable tightness and of her warm wet pussy and she gasps also as my long hard dick penetrates her.

    I then move forward and places both hands around her, squeezing and groping both breaats.

    Kathryn starts to ride me up and down, slowly but hard and deep. She starts to moan with pleasure and Harriet contributes to this by reaching forward and touching her clit.

    Kathryn and Harriet then start making out with each other. Harriet then kneels up and both girls grope each others breasts and rub each others clits.

    Minutes later everyone as both girls hold each other, Harriet helping Kathryn as she rides my dick up and down. Suddenly the moans get significantly louder as Harriet loudly orgasms, I feel her vagina clench around my dick as she cums a second time.

    The a moment later Harriet also screams practically in Kathryn's face as she too cums for the second time.

    I'm also getting very close and Kathryn struggles to keep on riding me, but Harriet gives her a helping hand and keeps her body bounding up and down.

    I am now extremely close and so I let Harriet know.

    Harriiet pulls Kathryn off of my dick and pulls her onto her knees. I get up myself onto my own knees and spin Kathryn around. I slap her in the face with my dick and then forcefully stuff my dick into her mouth. I'm only able to pound her throat a few times before I'm about to explode.

    I pull my dick out of her mouth, hover it over her face and seconds later and forcefully ejaculate thick cum all over Kathryn's face.

    Kathryn moans with excitement as I literally cover her face.

    Harriet then moves over and before Kathryn can say a word, she starts to lick my cum off of Kathryn's face. Once, Kathryn is clean, then then make out some more, this time sharing a generous amount of warm cum between their mouths, both girls tasting and both girls swallowing it.

    Even after I have cum, my dick is still hard and so I take hold of Kathryn face again and put my dick back in her mouth. I make her suck me for a couple more minutes, gradually tapering off until my erections starts to go down. I make sure she has cleaned my entire shaft and I tell her to lick my balls, she does as she is told and then I pull away once she has satisfied me.

    We then all sit back down in the mouth, all thoroughly satisfied and pleasured. The girls then wash each others bodies with soap and then take it in turns to wash me.

    We then exit the bath, get dressed and go off into the living room.
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    Mmmmm, I like that story.
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