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    When my inner “BAD GIRL”, the one that’s full of deep passion screams to come out to play when my man is fingering me or licking me and pleads and tells him to suck my p***y deeper or when I am so freakin hot that I am pleading for penetration and say put that big ass c**k inside me and f**k me with no mercy……….. When “BAD GIRL” comes out, it is sometimes shocking to me, the things said at the height of passion. What happens when your inner “BAD GIRL” or “BAD BOY” comes out to play? Did you do or say something that's shocking, or did you rock, or did you regret what you said or did? Don't be afraid lets hear it.
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    Well I've said in other posts the talking thing is new to me and my SO seems to like it but I still feel weird when I say things. Like last night when she was sucking my cock she was a little tipsy so she was not holding back. I told her to suck my f***ing balls. Which she did. And seemed to enjoy.

    I guess I just need to come out my shell more :)
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