Backdoor Surprise

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    If you like my story, please comment below and let me know!
    Even if it's just a quick comment, (though I like thought-out ones espeically) I want to hear your thoughts! (Even if you think it sucked.) ;)

    (Fantasy story with time travel)


    I gave my wife, Jena, a kiss on her cheek.

    "Go ahead and start without me," I told the two of them as I grabbed the box of dog treats from the cupboard.

    My future self had decided to visit us once again. It was always fun when, let's go with "he," came around.

    "You sure, Alec?" He asked with a surprised look on his face. "You don't want us to wait for you?"

    "Nah, go ahead," I insisted.

    I reached up under the front of Jena's very short white dress, and grabbed her smooth pussy, she had freshly shaven this morning. I smiled, running my fingers over her soft mounds.

    "Get her good and warmed up for me, Ted." I gave him a wink, then looked back to my Jena. "Do whatever he says, Sweetheart. Make our guest nice and comfortable."

    Theodore is more than just a guest of course. He is me. To be more precise, he is me from another time. In this case, from the future. To keep things less confusing, when I travel forward in time to visit myself and my wife, I use my middle name, Theodore, but when I travel backward in time, I use "Ted," for short. This was me visiting from the future, and also why I did not yet remember this particular visit. So "Ted" it was.
    I would always give myself "special privileges" with my wife Jena. After all, she is his wife too, and she certainly didn't mind.

    Jena smiled and nodded quietly. I kissed her luscious lips, let go of her pussy, and headed towards the back door. Our dogs bounded out quickly and excitedly ahead of me.

    The three of us had just got back from the mall. We had spent the morning there doing some leisurely shopping before catching a matinée. Ted and I took it upon ourselves to spoil Jena a bit. We, in turn, got to enjoy watching Jena model some new outfits, particularly some very sexy lingerie at Victoria's Secret and Fredrick's Of Hollywood. She picked out some things which we happily bought for her, (Ted had insisted upon buying the lingerie) then it was off to the movie.

    Being a weekday matinee for a three-week-old movie, there were only a few other movie goers in the room. We chose prime seats and Jena made sure to sit between Ted and I. Once we got comfy, my wife held up her bag from Victoria's Secret for a brief moment before setting it on the seat in front of her with her other bags.

    "You know boys, Jena has a secret too," she suggested coyly as she jestured us to lean in closer.
    A big smile spread across her face as Ted and I eagerly complied, wanting to hear whatever it was she had to say. Well, I wanted to hear what she had to say, Ted already knew what she was going to say of course.

    "When I left the Victoria's Secret store..." She, paused then lowered her voice for the next part, "I never put my panties back on."

    Jena sat back with a proud smile on her face. Ted and I exchanged grins of our own.

    "I don't know," Ted said with pretend skeptisism. "I think we'd need to verify that, don't you think, Alec?

    "Oh, without a doubt...I remove any doubt, that is. Yes." I complied.

    Jena rolled her eyes playfully. "Oh, well be my guests," she said as if the thought had just occurred to her.
    Ted and I both put a hand on her thighs.

    "You first," Ted said courteously.

    "No, please, by all means," I told my doppelganger with over-the-top politeness.

    "Well someone better," Jena encouraged.

    Ted grinned. "Why thank you, then, don't mind if I do," he said continuing to ham it up.
    "Silly boys."

    Ted's hand slowly slid up Jena's thigh, until it disappeared under the front of her dress. His hand stopped, reaching its destination in my wife's nether regions. I could tell as he bagan to probe her crotch.

    "Oh, yes. Definitely no panties, Alec," he noted.

    Jena opened her legs a bit, inviting Ted better access between them. His hand changed position slightly, and I could tell he had slid his fingers inside her when she let out a quiet little moan. She laid her head back against the seat and her bosom noticeably began to rise and fall with each deep breath. Thankfully, the credits started rolling before Jena's moans became just slightly louder . No one else was near enough, nor had seemed to notice anyway.

    As Ted continued fingering my wife, he watched her face intently for her reactions to his "handy work" between her legs. Biting her lip, Jena reached down and squeezed my hand. Her back arched slightly, then she tilted her head towards me and kissed me, muffling another moan into my mouth.

    Ted and I took turns for most of the entire movie, finger-fucking Jena, driving her absolutely crazy, buiding her up for the inevitable "later-on."

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    We were back at home now, and were ready to get to finish what we had started in the theater. First, however, I had to let our dogs out. If I didn't, I knew the three of us would not get any peace. (They always got antsy when there were two of me around.) One more look at my wife, up and down, confirmed what I already knew: she was stunning as usual. Her short, white lacy sleeveless summer dress, and stylish, brown suede boots that came up to just below her knees, she was a fantasy in the flesh.

    "Have fun!" I said, and stepped out the door.

    I wanted to give them a little time to warm up and to see what might transpire without me there. I allowed my time-displaced-self free-reign over Jena's body when we were together, and the three of us often enjoyed some erotic and wild times. We'd shower together, skinny dip in the pool, and fuck everywhere and anywhere on our property within reason. I'd watch them fuck, or Ted would watch us, or he and I would double up on Jena, (she loved the double penetration), and occasionally, when we stayed at a hotel or resort together, I'd send Jena into his bed in the morning to give him a nice "wake-up blow-job." (When staying our house, however, we all just slept in the same oversized bed.) But in all of this, I'd never really left them alone before to play on their own. It would be interesting to see what my other self and she would do. Little did I know, just how interesting...

    The dogs romped and played for a bit, I wanted them well exercised as they'd be more apt to leave us masters alone for a while. Playing games of fetch, I could not help but think about what Jena and Ted might already be up to. I imagined them hopping in the shower together, or in a 69 on one of the beds. Or perhaps Ted was making her model some more of her sexy negligée. I always liked when I had Jena walk around scantily clad.

    It took Jena a while to warm up to the idea. She was extremely shy at first, but now that she had gotten used to wearing such things in front of "him," whether it was lingerie, negligée, or some super revealing swimwear, she now seemd to really enjoy it. She especially took a shine to the effect it had on both "her boys." She loved watching our jaws drop, or our sentences suddenly become stuttered when she would walk into the room wearing next to nothing.

    After a while, my imagination running wild with possibilities, I decided it was time to head back in and find out. I lead the dogs to the screened-in pool area where they could lay in the shade of the balcony or play in the pool if they wanted to cool down. I then headed over to our back deck entrance, planning to peek in a window and see if Ten and Jena were in view, and what they were up to. Even though they could be anywhere in the house, I figured it was worth a shot. Perhaps if I slipped in quietly, I could still be a secret voyeur for a bit. That would be fun, I thought. I could watch them for a while without them being aware of my doing so. Sure, I had watched them before, but always when they knew I was there, or participating directly. I wanted to see how they faired, without me.

    As I approached the deck, I realized that I could hear my wife through the screen. She was practically wailing! If I hadn't known better, I'd thought she was in pain. And if I hadn't trusted myself fully, my first instict may have been to charge in. But I knew my Jena was perfectly safe with him. On top of that, we all had a safe word, "peace," and she wasn't using it. I knew all was well, so I paused by the door to listen.

    What was he doing to her to get that response?

    It was definitely more of a gasping wail, than the typical moaning sound she made.


    Sometimes it sounded like Jena was almost saying, "ow," but mixed with gasping pleasure. As she gasped and wailed my cock swelled in my pants. I couldn't just stay put longer, I had to see. Opening the door and stepping in, I quickly and quietly followed the grunts and wild wailing-moans to the living room.

    Their backsides faced me. Jena was still wearing her boots, but other than that, she was completely naked. She was on her knees with her face and upper body to the floor on the carpet (my favorite position for her to be in), her sexy round buttocks high in the air for him. The white dress lay crumpled on the floor beside her. Ted's clothes seemed to be...everywhere. He stood behind and above Jena, strattling her, holding her hips. Thrusting his cock in and out of her ass, he wasn't holding anything back. He was slamming into her like a man possesed. No wonder the sounds she was making.

    Ted slowed down and just pushed his cock into Jena's backside as deep as he possibly could.

    She let out loud a grunt. "Ughhh!"

    "Oh, Ted...not so deep," she panted, "I can feel you all the way up inside me."

    He did it again.

    "FUCK!" Jena screamed. "Oh, fuck!"

    Ted repeated the slow, pushing-deep, thrusts a few more times. Each time was met with a whimpering wail or scream from Jena, then he picked up his pace again. I watched his hard shaft pull out and quickly ram into her, again and again. With each thrust, his tight shaved ball sack met the top of my wife's slit. Her body rocked from every impact of his hips, her tight hole engulfing his entire shaft.

    "OH!...Ugh!...Please, no!...Owhh!...Yeaaa!...Not!...So!...Hard!...Oh!...Fuck...Oh!...Ted!" She gasped.

    Once more he slowed, and again began powerfully pushing himself as deep inside her ass as he could.

    "OhTedOhTedOhTed!" She cried rapidly.

    Another slow, deep thrust, and again Jena protested, "No-OH! Oh, fuck, fuck, fuck!"

    "You like that Jena? My cock up your ass?" Ted asked.

    "Yeahhh," she breathed.

    "Your ass is so tight, Jena. You feel so good. Such a hot ass you have. You like this, huh?"

    Still holding her hips firmly, he gave her a hard powerful thrust, burrying his cock again, and holding it there.

    "OW! No! Please-oh-fuck!" She begged.

    "You want more?"

    "Yes, Ted..." She was breathing heavily, trying to catch her breath. "...fuck my ass."

    I cleared my throat. "I don't know," I still behind them, "that didn't sound whole-hearted to me."

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    Ted paused and greated me over his shoulder, "Oh, hey Alec!"

    I walked around to their side.

    "You want to take over?" Ted suggested pulling out of her. "She's nice and lubed up." He gave her ass cheek a slight smack. "I got her nice and warmed up for ya. She's all ready for a ride."

    I looked down at my panting wife. Jena's head laying on a pillow, her beautiful round buttocks up in the air, exposed to our whim. She gave me a smile. Ted's slick stiff cock hovered above my wife's back-side. It stood erect, and ready for more.

    "No, please. I am enjoying this. By all means, carry on, you two" I said told him. "Here..."

    Grabbing the bottle of lube off the nearby coffee table, I squeezed some into my palm. I reached down and took the familiar erection in my hand. It was hot and I could feel it pulsing in my grasp. He thanked me as I began to spread the lube on his manhood.

    This was all just part of the game, part of the fun. I figured it was just "playing with myself." I let go, and then rubbed the remaining lube on my wife's pretty pink bud. She gave a little moan as I slid my finger into her hole.

    "Mmm, so tight, isn't she?"

    "Mm-hm," Ted concurred. "She's a naughty girl."

    I walked back round behind them and reached down between Ted's legs to touch Jena's shaved pussy. I traced her wet slit with my fingers.

    "Then maybe she needs a spanking," I grinned.


    "Oh, yes. You need a good spanking sometimes don't you Jena?"

    "Yes," she complied obediently.

    "Alright." I could practically hear the grin on my counterpart's face. And with that Ted gave her ass a good smack.

    "Oh!" Jena let out.

    With one hand one her hip, and one to control his shaft, he asked her, "You want my cock back in your ass? Or in your pussy?"

    She begged, "My pussy please. My pussy. Fuck me! Please! Fuck me good!"

    "Ass it is!" And with that he drove his cock back into her hole.

    "OH!" She let out. "F-f-fuck!"

    He smacked her again on the other side, and began thrusting.

    "Ugh! Oh, fuck! Ugh, ugh, ugh!" She gasped and wailed again.

    Her perfect shaven pink mounds looked so lonely below his smooth balls. I wanted so bad to fuck her. But I continued to watch, spell-bound as Ted's balls just sort of bounced there at times, at the top of her slit, caressing Jena's bare flesh.

    Ted went back to alternating between hard ramming, and deep slow thrusts. Jena kept screaming out.

    "You like that?" He asked her.





    "FUCK! FUCK! FUCK!" She cried.

    The more she screamed, it seemed, the harder Ted would thrust. Being pound for so long, Jena's body began slowly lowering to the floor under his impacts. With each push her bottom fell a little more. Ted just kept thrusting into her relentlessly. As her body lowered closer, and closer to the floor, from each push into her tight hole, her legs straightened a little more, her sweet crotch disappeared little by little, until finally, she was down on her stomach.

    "Owwhh! Fuck! OH!"

    Ted kept on ramming her. He was on his knees now, and on top of her. Jena's thighs were closed under him, her knees where together, but her feet splayed slightly to the sides. She looked so helpless and yet so sexy at the same time. My eyes followed from her boots, up the back of her knees, up the back of her thighs; I could see only just a little of Jena's cute bottom now, as Ted's body dominated her.

    He gave her another powerful but slow thrust. She gasped and her legs twitched helplessly beneath him.

    "Owhh! Noo!" She was gasping as if being tortured now.

    He did it again.

    "FUCK! No!" She squealed.

    Another deep penetrating thrust. Her legs twitched again as if she was in pain.

    "OHHH!" She screamed.

    "I am going to cum!" Ted cried.


    He smacked her other ass cheek. "You want me to cum in your ass?!"

    "Oh! Fuck it! Fill it!" She yelled.

    He paused to smack her again, then drove his cock home three more times so hard her whole body shifted. She yelped each time, her legs twitched with each deep thrust.

    With the third thrust, Ted let out a grunt of his own. I could tell he was filling her as he held is spear deep inside her ass-hole.
    "F-F-FUCK!!" Jena screamed.

    Ted collapsed on her briefly as he spent his last into her body.

    "You're inside me Baby," Jena panted in a whimper. "Your cum is in my ass. Mmm, I can feel your heat in me, your hard cock in me. Mmm."

    She shifted a little under his weight. Ted leaned back upon his knees, his dick still buried deep inside my Jena's tube.

    "I'm so naughty," Jena said with a breath. "Thank you for punishing me Ted."

    "My pleasure, Jena."

    "So, do you think we gave him a good show?" Jena asked her future husband.

    "Oh, I know for a fact we did," he said with a chuckle.

    Ted smacked her ass one last time, then withdrew is cock and stood up. He smiled at me then dropped heavily onto the couch. His erection began to soften.

    "Your turn, My Love," Jena said rising onto her hands and knees. "My pussy is ready and waiting."

    I began disrobing quickly. My clothing mixing with my other clothing wherever they fell. Some of Ted's semen began trickling out of my wife's hole.

    "Oh, no!" I stated firmly. "Your ass isn't done yet...naughty girl!"
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    Hope you enjoyed the story. I would love to here what you though of it. Any parts you particularly like or don't like? How is my writing? How was the story itself? Anything that would make any of it better? etc, etc.
    Comment below, let me know!
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    That was HOT!:cool:
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