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    Been so busy with work, little time to go on SF, so with some time, here is yesterday's story based on actual events.

    Met a woman online who replied to my ad for mutual satisfaction and helping my needs. We chat on email back and forth, describe what brings us here (the site I placed my ad) and she said she liked my ad and
    decided to be selfish a little, usually she doesn't do this.
    After a couple of aborted encounters and several self service sessions we finally met nearby.
    I liked her looks, her friendliness and felt at ease from the start.

    Because of a need for discretion I asked her to follow me in a better place out of public view so we
    can talk. Once we parked our cars we talked and walked in the trails, get acquainted, talk about our
    sexual tastes and some history, and we found each other attracted to one another for the purpose.
    We found that while there would be a small adjustment we liked the idea of going forward.

    However without asking her why she told me she could not have sex and I expected that, so she asked
    if there would be something I would like, and suggested a BJ. SURE I'd love that so when we kissed
    she let her hand shamelessly feel me and complete the growing erection.

    For some reasons, we had the right stuff to be comfortable so I sat in a foldable chair, she knelt on a cushion. That was not planned but we both happened to have them.

    Then she got going after saying she likes my cock. I liked that she LIKED it, the way she liked it too.
    No shyness, giving me nice sucking, I got her to try a few stops .... edging, she never tried before.
    Then I got her to try biting the shaft and she liked that too. Happy she did and she felt I liked it.

    Then when it was time she asked which way I liked being brought to orgasm and she did it that way;
    Sucking on the head slowly and gently, matching the cock stroking at the same time.
    She told me when she was about to start that she swallows, and she did, then she stopped when she felt
    my cock stopped orgasming.
    More fun stuff happened in between but that was that mostly, then I asked if I could enjoy her breasts again, I got to have them before she took me in her mouth.
    She mentioned she orgasms multiple times and that was a big WOW to me so I set to suck, lick, grope, squeeze and bite them the way she said she likes it.
    Then she said she was about to orgasm, and I could tell by the way her body was spasming.
    I kept going until she was all done, but something she never experienced happened .....
    she asked me to stop after her first orgasm, she was all light headed, I did it in a way she never experienced before. I was ready to go on longer but that would have been bad LOL in the end.

    After that we agreed we can't wait to try licking and sucking elsewhere :)
    After some kissing and hugging we went our separate ways, I look forward to meet her in a motel / hotel next time.
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