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    This guy, Jim Snow, goes for a couple of drinks at the bar and spots a nice looking woman sitting alone.
    As he goes to order his drink he makes small talk with the woman and after a while introduces himself.
    "By the way, I'm Jim."
    "Nice to meet you, I'm June." as she shakes hands with Jim.
    Upon receiving his drink he wishes her a pleasant evening and goes by himself at the other end of the bar.
    Surprised Jim didn't keep talking to her and hit on her, she keeps glancing at him, and every time they look at each other he then looks away and smiles, sort of laughing, something amusing in his mind.

    After a few times this way, June can't keep her curiosity in check and goes over to him"
    "Excuse me Jim, you seem like a nice man, but I can't help wondering why you keep smiling and almost laughing every time we look at each other"
    "I just have a bad sense of humour, don't worry about it ...."
    "I don't think you could offend me easily, try me."
    "It's just that you may think bad of me."
    "What have you got to lose? We just met and don't even know each other."
    "If that's what you want. I find you attractive and ...."
    She cuts him off and says she gets that a lot, so what's so funny about it? she asks.
    "Well, I have been wondering what it would be like to have 6 inches of Snow in June."
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