Another one poem I wrote. I wrote this one on the fly.

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    Another one poem I wrote. I wrote this one on the fly, so it might not be that good. Hope somebody likes it.

    My Name is Steve
    I am going to tell you something you will not believe
    I am in love with a girl that is a real dear
    I can not wait to see her
    I find myself thinking of her night and day
    I am afraid when I meet her I will clam up and have nothing to say
    Her beauty is way too much
    And I believe she will not want to feel my touch
    She is way too beautiful for a guy who looks like I do
    I am afraid she will think what I say is true
    I know she love me so
    I just hope she will never let me go
    I hope she will hold me tight
    All day and all night
    I really want to feel her skin next to mine
    I want her to say you send tingles up my spine
    I want for our lips to meet
    I want to kiss her from her head to her feet
    I do not want to sound naughty
    But I want to kiss her entire body
    I hope she wants me too
    I love her becuae she turns my gray skies blue
    When I get her letter
    it makes me feel so much better
    Only if she knew How she makes me feel
    I need her love when I am feeling ill
    because I am sick with passion
    I need her loving to keep from crashing
    I need your loving to make my day
    I need your loving in every way
    I need your loving to last
    I need your loving so tell me if we are going to fast
    I hope you tell me you want me too
    I hope one day I can say I want to marry you
    I want us to be together forever
    I want us to go through all kinds of endeavor
    I want us to make a life
    I want to say to you will you be my wife
    I hope you will say yes
    I really think that would be such a bless
    I want to be with you from now to the end
    I want us to be more than just a friend
    I will love you more than life it self
    I can love you till I have nothing left
    I will love you till the day I die
    I will love you and never ever say bye
    If loving you is a crime
    I will have to go to prison for a very long time
    I will have to stay there my whole life
    because I love you well enough for you to be my wife
    I want to feel you in my arms
    I want to feel all your charms
    Till we meet I will always be here
    I will always want you dear
    I want you and that is plain to see
    I want you to be with me
    I want to be the one you wake up to next
    After a night of sex
    Sorry for being naughty
    But You know you are such a hotty
    Hope you don't get mad
    I just want to be the one who makes you glad
    I hope you still want me like I want you
    Because my love is very very true.
    It is time for this poem to come to its end
    I want to be more than just your friend
    I want to go on rhyming
    I just hope our love was good timing
    I could go on and on with this poem
    I often wonder why I love people before I no'em
    But my love is always true
    I just hope you feel the same way I do.
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