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    Hi girls,

    Can you please describe me the sensation you receive when your guy enters you analy. I'm so much preferred anal vs vagi and I want to know the real receiving situation my fiancee feels.

    Please describe your own genuine experiences on the following:

    (01) Is it enjoyable as a single mode of intercourse(I mean only entering anal without doing vagi in a one session)

    (02) Whats the feeling you get when your partner closes his member to your anus.

    (03) How do you feel when your partner places his member at the right point

    (04) What do you feel when your partner gives first few presses to your anus

    (05) How do you feel whwn he go little by little inside you

    (06) whats the feeling you receive when he starts giving you shallow thrusts

    (07) How do you feel when he excellerate his thrusts inside you

    (08) What sensation/feeling you receive when hes thrusting harder and harder inside you

    (09) How do you like him come, inside/ outside

    (10) What you really needed after he finishes his job inside your anus

    (11) Any special comments of you please

    Thanks and appreciate your valuable feedbacks. Also invite you my friends to visit my albums and give your comments.
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