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    Circumstances made me and my FWB think we were not going to meet this weekend so, being horny and wanting, masturbation was in order. It took care of things.
    When my plans changed and I told her, our texting turned to arranging a get together. I told her I got off real good in the evening and unsure whether I was going to be able to use IT for her even if I want that with all my heart ...... and well ahem ..... you know, and that I have other ways to make sure she is looked after like a lady.

    She arrived at my place and we talked, snuggled, and soon it was more than just snuggling. She took the lead this time, rubbing my cock through my pants. After some mutual touching she got my pants unzipped and started stroking me. I let her do for a while and then I suggested we go in the bedroom. The couch would have done fine but our having sex needs more space than the couch provides, we move around a lot.

    Both got naked and she got back to taking me in her hand, playing with the balls and stroking, and me rubbing her nicely, she was so wet it was easy to get in, but with a short time elapsed after my ejaculation I was disappointed I kept getting soft after giving nice thrusting - at least I made her orgasm before going soft. I got off her and she went back to playing with me, getting me hard. Instead of going in her, she got on top, riding, grinding, moaning and orgasming again.
    The way she moved and made the head rub deep inside her felt so good I got this wonderful feeling all over my penis. Even though she already orgasmed she got into riding me even more; I had never ejaculated inside her to this point and she was quite turned on to make it happen. She kept me deep inside her and oh wow, it was a strong and long orgasm.
    She was so wet and turned on from making me cum inside her I had a large wet area in front of me, and no this was not my cum getting out of her, it was too soon to happen that way then.
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