After the wife's arrest

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    Since my wife Misty was on probation. When she was arrested. Bail was denied and she woud have to stay in jail untill her court date. It was a Friday afternoone and visiting day. Misty's mom got off work and stopped by for a quick visit. She parked her long black Cadilac in the lot next to the police station. Sgt. Tyrone Jackson and deputy Virgill Davis were outside haveing a smoke when she passed.*Damn thats a good looking white woman.* Tyrone comented.*That is our girl inmates mom.**Really...Wonder if her pussy is as good as her daughters?*They watched her pass and walk down to the front of the building. She went inside and in to the chiefs office. My Mil. Debe was well known around town. She had her own Realestate office and was quite sucessfull. She had the looks to go with it. The perfect Milf. Type. Long red hair,Nice big boobs,Good looking legs and a plump ass. This day she wore a sexy black and white zebra striped dress. And a pair of black high heeled boots. Being in realestate she allways dressed on the sexy side.She sat across from the chiefs desk and discussed my wife's case. Tyrone come and stood by the door to listen.*Tyrone Come here.* The chief said.*Yes sir.**Take Miss Jones down to visit her daughter.**Yes sir. Follow me ma'mm.*She follows him. He puts her in line behind other people visiting at a metal detecter. Everyone was passing through with no problems. Then it was her turn. A loud alarm went off. Virgill allmost fell out of his chair.*Damn! It rarely does that. Step back through ma'mm.* The alarm sounds again. The men look her over.*I need to look in your purse. Take your belt and boots off.* She watches them as they search her purse and inspect her boots.*Try again Miss.* The alarm souns again.*I'm going to have to search you in private. follow me.* She reaches for her boots.*Leave them off.* She picks up her things and follows him in to a small office.*Up againest the wall spread your legs.* He frisked her slowly. She found his touch aeouseing. She felt his big cock bulge from his pants. Pressing againest her ass. As his hands felt over her pantyhosed legs her pussy became wet. The closer he come to her pussy the more she wanted him. Curious about his big dick. But stayed silent waiting for his comands. She watched him as he reached around her and unbuttoned her dress. She lift her arms and allowed it to be takin from her. She turnd aroud to face him. Unhookikg her bra from the front. She takes it off and pinches her nipples. Lifting her 38c brests for him to see under them.*How did you know I would ask you to do that?**I've ben here before.* She smiles.*Bend over the desk!* He takes hold of her pantyhose and zebra striped panties and pulls them down to her ankles. He then went right to her pussy dipping his fingers in to her soaking wet hole. She moans in pleasure.*Don't stop!* She begs. With one hand he rubs her clit. The other he gets his big cock out. She feels the head of it againest her pussy. It enters her sex hole sstretching her out.*Ahhhhhh...Yes...Fuck me big boy!* He held her arond the waste and drove his dick in and out of her hard. His big balls slapping againest her pussy. He slapped her big pale white ass for more punishment. She cummed for the first time. Tyrone made her cum 2 more times as he pounded her pussy for the next 10 miniutes. He finally exploded inside her filling her hole full of his cum. So much it was running out.*What a fucking mess!* He wipes his cock on to her ass.*You can get dressed now.* She pulls her panties and pantyhose back up. and dresses.He leads her to the visiting area where Misty was waiting.*You aint going to beleave this! I just got fucked by that black cop.**Yea I beleave you. He fucked me when I was brought in here.**I better go I still got his cum inside me.**When you get home. Get Mikey to eat your pussy. He will love it.**Thats an excelent idea. I'll let you know how that goes.* They hug and she leaves. Tyrone follows her back to the chiefs office. Where her youngest daughter Crystal was waiting. *Hi mom sorry I'm late...Can I still visit Misty?**No visiting hours are over.**No there not you still have an hour.* Tyrone says as he looks Crystal over. She is the hottest one at 18 and a senior in high school. Dressed in a black skirt,black pumps and a low cut top.*Here Debe take Misty's things home with you.* He hands her My wife's trench coat and a large paper sack with her name on it. She puts the coat on. Takes the sack and grabs Crystal by the arm and allmost drags her out of the station. Tyrone watches out the window As they split up. He watches Crystal get in her sporty Toyota Celica. He sets his sights on busting her next.More to come later.
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