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    Someone asking the rest of the evening, so here goes :)
    Talking about the HJ in the theater and telling her how I would have liked to do something similar to her she said "NO WAY, I'm too loud", I skip all the way to getting to my place. She lives closer but she didn't have the place to herself that day.
    Once the coats and shoes off she took a look at my wet spot, making a point of rubbing, and a bit of searching for the happy buddy. "Now what were you talking about that you wanted to do to me?"
    MANY things, I said, kissing and groping her breasts (nothing new here from me)
    I told her I didn't like her bra, those padded cups that don't allow to feel the breasts or whether the nipples are hard. She mocked me and said all I need to do is say so, and she took it off.
    I blew on her breasts to make her nipples cold and she threatened me to put the bra on again but she took my hand, led me to the bedroom. Some attempt at kissing while stripping her, once naked she smelled ready, really. I said WOW, she said making me cum in my pants started it for her.
    Knowing her enough I pushed her on the bed and went right at it. I stopped myself in my tracks and did some teasing before doing the real deal after she said she didn't receive oral in maybe over 3 months.
    A reason to make it special I thought and I felt lucky to be that guy that night.

    More to come .....
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