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    The Monday after me and my wife had our first date. I arrived at school to find her best friend Shirley waiting. She had a big smile on her face. We walk toward our home room. *So I hear you and Misty did the wild thing this weekend.* *She told you that?* *She tells me everything.* *Did she enjoy it?* *Oh verry much so.* She was verry friendly. And flirted a lot. I caught her looking at my crotch severall times. She just smiled and licked her lips. She spread her legs makeing sure I looked at hers. She is also blonde with blue eyes. She is shorter than my wife. Maybe 4ft.8 And 100 pounds at the most. She has small but pearky tits. She rarely wears a bra. So it's fun to watch them wiggle freely under her shirt. Of course my dick got hard checking her out. Later Misty showed up. Wearing a blue denum dress and black pumps. Both girls drove me crazzy flirting and teaseing me. After school they both said they needid a ride home. Misty sat next to me and squeezed my cock through my jeans.*Oh your so hard today.* She licks her lips. We arrive at her house.*Oh look momma aint here...Ya want to come in for a while?* *Sure* I follow them inside. They drop ther books and purses on the coutch. And all most drag me to her bedroom. They both pounce on me. My shirt and wife beater are taken off. I'm pushed down on to the bed and watch them strip me down. They each take a turn sucking my cock. As Misty took her second turn. Shirley sat on the bed next to us and took her high heeled granny boots off. Everything else came off quickly. Being braless any way met that was one less thing to take off. Shirley straddled my face. I parted her pussy lips and drove my tongue in to her slippery sex hole. Misty stripped while she was sucking my cock. Her dress buttoned up in the front and was easy to get out of. She kept her sexy heels on. She let my cock go and straddled my cock and rode it. while she was going up and down she reached around Shirley and played with her tits. I started fingering her and sucking her clit. Both girls seamed like they have done this act before. They stopped and swapped positions. As I was eating Misty's pussy. I got a strange feeling we were being watched. I looked toward the door and there was her mom. Just home from work. Dressed atractively in a blouse,skirt and heels. Our eyes meet. She lifts her skirt and showed me her hairy pussy. I looked up at Misty and then back at the door. Her mom was gone.Unable to hold back any longer. I filled Shirley with my cum. And thankfully. The girls both climaxed at the same time. *Babe you know we were being watched?* Oh yea I know.* She put her robe on to go confront her mom. Me and Shirley dressed and waited. Misty found her mom in the den. Kicked back in her recliner fucking her pussy with a pink vibrator. *When you going to share your stud with me?* *I'm not! Your not stealing my boyfriend again!* *I don't want to steal him. I just want to share him. After all your shareing him with the trailer park tramp.* *No mother!* Me and Shirley sneak out of the house and leave them argueing.
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