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    Date Night: Introducing the ball gag, and other things.
    I’ve teased her with the ball gag for months. It, and the collar, came along with set of toys I ordered from amazon. I figured at the price they were basically free, but seeing the look on her face when I pulled them out would be priceless. Plus with talks of wanting a pet increasing, I figured they’d come in handy at some point.
    To my surprise, she wanted to put on the collar right away. She knew how much I’d like it, and her eagerness pleased me even further. Between the other toys, and the newly installed bed restraints, I told her I’d save the ball gag for later with a grin as I put it in the box. I let it sit awhile, and never mentioned it. Eventually it was on her mind enough to drop hints when she’d see me go into the box. Cute.. but not yet. She did make me think about how much I like to see her mouth stuffed with her pretty lips wrapped around my fingers, cock, or her panties after I’ve soaked them between us.
    Between those thoughts, her increased begging, and a message from an ideal pet candidate on a bdsm dating site, I needed to see her in that ball gag. She looked so beautiful Saturday night as we went out on a more traditional "vanilla" dinner date. It appeared that way at least, we sat in the restaurant discussing our recent increase in activity in our unicorn search, in addition to telling her some of the dirty shit I’d be doing to her when we got home.
    When we got home, we made more drinks, packed some bowls, and turned on a music channel while we checked in to see what you naughty fuckers were up to. It didn’t take long for me to get out the box, seeing her laid out with her pink panties peeking through her grey tights. The matching short sweater dress pulled up above her ass was too tempting so I definitely took pictures we haven’t posted yet. As I went to make a drink, I also took the gag to clean and prepare it for her.
    When I put it into her mouth, she quivered before I even had the straps fastened. It didn’t take long to tighten it, but she was already drooling. I spread her saliva around her lips with my fingers then showed her how it dripped all over my cock, which was in rock mode and already dripping just looking at her. I stroked, and gathered up the wetness to slather across the her lips, and all around the ball so it would drip into the holes. Combined with her drool, it was a sopping wet mess. Eventually I pushed her onto the bed, pulled down her tights and panties, and slapped my wet hand across her cheeks for making such a naughty mess. I left it wet and stinging as I placed my palm gently on her ass so my fingers laid gently caressing between her legs while I rubbed her cheeks with my other hand.
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